Keep your files safe with Zoolz Home

I have been a computer owner for years now and for that entire time I have only owned one computer in which I trusted to keep my personal files safe. I had no other place where I backed them up to as I am pretty novice and had a huge trust in the manufacturing of the computer.

Unfortunately my computer recently stopped booting up and for a moment I thought I had lost all my personal files. Luckily I was able to take my computer to a local computer shop and after paying a large fee they were able to salvage my hard drive and make a copy of everything. From there I bought a new computer and moved on. Though I have made it a priority to keep my personal files safe and have turned to cloud storage to meet my needs future protection of my files. In the rest of this article I will discuss the cloud service I use at home, Zoolz Home and outline why I ended up choosing it over the other cloud service competitors.

Primarily I chose Zoolz Home for its simplicity in use. After signing up for Zoolz Home I was able to choose which drives and networks I wanted to back up. Every time something was added or changed on my computer on those drives or networks it would upload right to Zoolz Home. I did not have to manually upload it on a website or put my files in a folder. It made my life much easier as I did not have to think about doing anything extra when using my computer as Zoolz Home did all the work.

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The Zoolz Home Dashboard

Next Zoolz Home has a very easy restore function. If at any time my computer stops working I do not have to take my computer to an expensive repair shop to try and salvage my hard drive. Zoolz Home regardless of the hard drive will have my files saved. I can from their website restore all or some of the files I want. It does not matter if I do not restore all files as whatever files I had before will regardless be kept on my Zoolz Home account.

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Zoolz Mobile Apps


Price wise I think Zoolz Home has some of the most competitive prices on the market. For only 20 dollars a year I had received 100 GB of cloud storage. My files that are of importance are pictures, word documents and music. These do not take up too much room on their own so I had more room than I needed at a very reasonable price. If you do decide to get Zoolz Home you can choose to pay monthly or yearly. I chose yearly as they give you a discount incentive from $4-$70 depending on how much storage space you buy.

Primarily the reason I had gotten Zoolz Home was because of its no thinking/effort type uploading. The simplicity alone is worth it but the easy restore function and affordable price structuring definitely put it over the rest. If you are looking for some extra protection on your personal files then consider cloud storage with a hard look at Zoolz Home. Chances are Zoolz Home will blow out anything the competitors have to offer anyways!