Your PC and Emergency Preparedness

MyComputer3 Emergency preparedness is one of those ‘good ideas’ that never seem to get fully implemented, if at all. Sadly, it appears to be one of those ‘Round Tuit’ projects.

Really, all it takes it a little time and, like exercise, you will feel better for having done it. Your home PC can be a real help as well and this article will highlight a few areas to consider.

First, let’s look up some resources. Do an internet search for ‘Emergency Planning’ or ‘Emergency Preparedness’. A quick Bing search using the second term yielded sites such as the US Department of Homeland Security, Center for Disease Control and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), just to name a few. Chances are your local, state, provincial and federal governments all have sites, such as the Canadian government’s site here. Consider looking at a few of these sites and collecting a list or two of items for your emergency preparedness kit, whether it will be for the home, office, car or wherever. Print them off for easy referral.

Next, let’s print some copies of emergency contact lists for each kit. If there is a power failure, your cordless phone will not work, but your cellular phone just might. Of course, having one corded phone in your home is a good idea, too.

A USB drive is handy for keeping digital copies of important files, and it would be good to have this sensitive information encrypted. Some drives come with their own encryption built-in, but there are free encryption programs available such as Cryptainer LE.(For more on Cypherix, see my review here.) Make photocopies of your passport, and if you have a flatbed scanner, you can make digital copies for safekeeping.

Backup your PC. An external drive is best, something you can quickly disconnect and take with you, provided you have time. At least copy your irreplaceable files to a USB drive or CD/DVD.

Most of all, keep your kits up to date and handy, not buried in a storage room where you cannot access it quickly.

Hopefully, this article has been of some help in motivating you to be prepared, and in getting your PC to assist you. Please leave a comment if you have any more suggestions!