Your Cell Phone Would Soon Allow You to See Through Walls

Of the miracles that a modern day cell phone can pull off, possibly the only thing that it can’t do is conjure up superpowers – and no, cell phone spy doesn’t count as a superpower. And if the noise originating from Dallas is anything to go by, pretty soon even that particular feather would be sitting proudly atop modern day technology’s cap. Kenneth O, Ph.D., electrical engineering professor at University of Texas has taken technological advancement to a point where cell phone cameras would now have X-Ray vision – a superpower that luminaries like Superman were bestowed upon – which would allow users to see through walls.

How exactly?

Okay, so the ‘seeing through walls’ part might be a little exaggeration, and would take cell phone spying to a whole new ugly level. If that were the case, the privacy proponents would scream bloody murder, which would make the entire project fall flat on its head – and understandably so. Nevertheless, the camera on the mobile devices would undoubtedly have the ability to penetrate walls, plastic, paper and human beings. And this has been achieved by digging into the electromagnetic spectrum and linking up the terahertz band of the spectrum with another one of its unused ranges. The terahertz band of the electromagnetic spectrum had not been accessible to consumer devices up until Dr Kenneth O dug deep inside it. And now the word is that cell phones with this X-Ray vision could be available in the market as early as 2014.

Medical marvel

Dr Kenneth’s research is not only helpful in the realm of technology it could prove to be a medical marvel as well. Citing privacy concerns, Dr O and his crew have decided to limit the range of penetration to 4 inches (10 cm). And this could help them make medical devices about the size of a cell phone see 4 inches inside the human body, and spy into the wounds – so to speak. It goes without saying that it would be quite a breakthrough, since this would highlight internal injuries in a way that was thought to be impossible – or at least improbable – in the past. And if one were to consider the Moore’s law and its derivatives, the current penetration range that stands at 4 inches could be hiked up to as much as 20 inches in the future. Conjuring up 20-inch penetration inside the human corpse via a device about the size of a cell phone would be absolutely huge!

Privacy apprehensions

The research team has been adamant about restricting the range of the camera due to obvious privacy concerns. However, if you have manipulative intentions the limits obviously know no bounds. Cell phone spy exponents are bound to misuse this technology. And considering the fact that every technological advancement is greeted almost immediately by hackers who’s to say how potentially menacing X-Ray vision devices could end up being?

It is understandable that the security concerns would eventually be catered to when the technology is about to be launched. Even so, if it is being touted that the technology would eventually be able to penetrate distances up to 20 inches, how can we ever be sure that the devices wouldn’t be used to go inches deep into places where they have absolutely no concern or use?

While the whole ‘seeing through walls’ and ‘superpower’ promotion undoubtedly has its appeal for the consumer market, if the researchers don’t come up with something that would shore up the security, the use of this technology might end up being restricted to law-enforcing authorities and the doctors.

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