Infographic: Some of the All-Time Worst Software Bugs

top-software-bugs_600¬†They sneak into a line of code, confounding coders and messing up their programs. They’re software bugs, and while minor ones can go undetected, software glitches can potentially cause huge trouble. In this infographic (Click it to enlarge), we take a look at some of the most insidious software bugs out there, and what type of havoc they wrought on unsuspecting individuals (and in some instances, entire companies!).

A telephone corporation doesn’t allow calls to go through, costing millions. An ATM malfunctions – and scores of people line up for a payday. A glitch causes video game characters in an MMORPG to die, seemingly for no reason at all. In each instance, a software bug was responsible, and in each instance a different type of disaster ensued.

What type of disasters, you ask? Six of the top software glitches of all time are put under the microscope and examined in this infographic – what caused them, and what they caused.

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Infographic courtesy of: Software Bugs Really Bite!