Worst Cell Phones in the World: 4 Terrible Designs

Cell phones are household necessities for most families in America. In fact, a lot of homes boast multiple cell phones today – one for mom, one for dad, and even each kid has a phone. The most desirable phones today are sleek, comfortable to hold, and easy to navigate. However, there have been a number of awful cell phone designs through history.

Samsung Bang & Olufsen Serenata

wagon wheel

Image via Flickr by inkknife_2000

This ridiculously priced cell phone sold for $2000 in 2007. Truth be told, not only the price was ridiculous. This phone has a design that nearly everyone found difficult to use. With no number pad or qwerty keyboard, this cell phone instead boasted a wheel. This wheel was used to do everything from text to make calls.

Additionally, the screen for this flop of a design was underneath the wheel. This made it difficult to see what was happening on the screen when using the wheel. On top of all the other design flaws, there wasn’t even a camera on the Serenata, and in 2007, a camera was a big selling point.

Nokia N-Gage

keyboard arrows

Image via Flickr by jeremyfoo

Think of this – a cell phone and gaming machine in one. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately for Nokia, it didn’t work so well in practice. This phone could have been something amazing, however it just didn’t deliver. The keypad had over 20 keys that quickly became confusing. It was a little awkward to handle as a phone, as well.

The 2003 launch of this phone came with many problems, and very few plusses. There were very few games available, which was a huge disappointment to those who had purchased the device. It also cost more than many were willing to pay for a phone at the time – $299. However, the graphics were good. They were comparable to the Game Boy Advance.

Samsung P300

geek pocket protector

Image via Flickr by My Blue Van

Samsung had a good idea to start with. A slim phone that can easily be carried is important to most cell phone users. However, with the look and marketing of this phone, it begged to be put in your shirt pocket… along with a pocket protector. This phone looks more like a calculator than a cell phone, and really just wasn’t cool enough for most mobile users.

The squared design and the strange look to the keypad worked against this phone. The speaker position and design was weird, which made it really difficult to hear when the phone rang, further putting consumers off.

Toshiba G450

music sheet

Image via Flickr by Brandon Giesbrecht

Many people like to listen to music on their phones. Because of this, many cell phone companies tried for a few years to make their phones look more like MP3 players. However, Toshiba took it a step too far with the G450.

Not only is this phone strangely shaped, it was awkwardly designed. There was only a tiny screen on the top, with two round keypads underneath. These keypads were very confusing for many users, and it didn’t take long for consumers to decide this phone was simply too weirdly designed.

Today, people like touch screen cell phones. In fact, it is difficult to find many phones that aren’t touch screen any longer. The awkward designs aren’t as common, but they still happen on occasion. Luckily, most cell phone manufacturers have learned from their mistakes and now offer users great phones with awesome features.