Employee Monitoring Done Right with Work Examiner

employees using computerWhat an employee has said to you during an interview can mean little to nothing as they will no doubt, always try to make themselves look better. Unfortunately once hired they may begin to slack off or do totally unrelated things during their office time. With corporate and even some small businesses having so many employees to watch it can become almost impossible to have eyes on each employee at all time. To catch workers who really are not doing such thing one can use corporate employee monitoring software such as Work Examiner. In this article we will look more closely at Work Examiner and show why it is one of the best employee monitoring software on the market.

One of the biggest issues when working with or around computers is that the internet has a huge array of things to do. From social networking, games, and even being able to watch videos the internet can become a huge distraction. Some employees cannot resist checking out these sorts of things till after work and can spend countless minutes if not hours on them when they should be working. With Work Examiner the management will be able to see what sites their employees are on and for how long (this includes idle and active time). Employers can then take appropriate action against those who are abusing their time and reward the ones that are not.

What if a disgruntled employee decides they want to start leaking information, it could be almost impossible to catch them.

If you believe there are some sites that a majority of employees like to visit when they should be working, then management can use Work Examiner to do website filtering. For example if you notice that a majority of employees like to spend a large amount of time on Facebook then you can use Work Examiner to block Facebook completely from being accessed. If employees are searching for specific keywords, maybe “social network” you can also block them, that way they have no way to get onto their interests.

Critical information can sometimes fall into the hands of employees, making sure that this sort of vital news stays within the company can be hard to keep up. What if a disgruntled employee decides they want to start leaking information, it could be almost impossible to catch them. With Work Examiner, work emails can be monitored. Not only will you be able to see what they are saying you can even have keystroke records from their computers being saved as future proof. You will be able to then keep the employees you trust and get rid of the ones who are a detriment.

Overall we see that employee monitoring software is something that all employers should have to keep track of their employees. With Work Examiner employers can keep track with what websites are being viewed with real analytic analysis, block websites or keywords that employees are abusing their time with, and even monitor emails as a way to detect private information leaking. This is just a summary of some of our favorite features of Work Examiner, the program comes with much more so check it out today!