8 Popular WordPress Myths That Might Amaze You

In the world of Content Management Systems, WordPress is clearly the king. As with all popular things in the world this CMS solution has also been target of unnecessary criticism and myths. These myths are often discussed by amateur developers and users who possess vague knowledge about the CMS. Some of these myths are so popular that these have become the attributes of WordPress for an average user. Let us now enjoy (its pure entertainment!) eight of these popular myths surrounding WordPress.

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1. WordPress.com and WordPress.org Are Same

This is one myth even WordPress admits as there is huge confusion between these two. Let’s put it straight. WodPress.com is a blogging service under the SAAS (Software as a Service) while WordPress.org is a blogging software which can be downloaded and installed on the local server.

2.Unused Plugins Slow Down A Website

It is the biggest of all myths associated with WordPress which even some experts talk about. The truth is they don’t affect the speed of your website and just consume your server space. But they can pose a security threat as outdated plugins are ideal loopholes which hackers look for.

3. Too Many Plugins Make A WordPress Website Slow

This is partly correct as plugins do draw resources from the server; however this statement isn’t universally true. There are many plugins which have no impact on the speed at which the website renders. On the contrary there are many plugins which speed up your website. However it is advisable to make use of plugins that your website needs rather than ones which are mere fancy items.

4. WordPress Isn’t Meant For Ecommerce Websites

There is a famous saying “Do not judge a book by its cover” and here two some people make the same mistake. Yes, WordPress is primarily used to build websites and blogs but you can always build a robust online store making used of plugins in WordPress.

5. Revisions Make Your Website Slow

Revisions have no impact on the speed at which the WordPress website loads. The CMS has been built to render only the latest version of the website. However keeping too many backups of the old versions can affect the site database.

6. WordPress Is For Blogs only

There are some critics who are holding onto the past and not welcoming the new! It is true that WordPress started off primarily as a blogging platform but today it is being used to manage different genres of website from ecommerce sites to social networks and multimedia website. If you have an idea WordPress would definitely have a solution.

7. WordPress Isn’t Secure

This myth arises out of those people who compare WordPress with other CMS solutions and suggest others are highly secured without providing any evidence to substantiate their arguments. A website is as safe and secure as the website manager wants it to be. WordPress has enough security mechanism to deal with threats to a website.

8. WordPress Is Bad For SEO

Search Engine Optimization is vital for a website’s success and with WordPress it is rather easier to optimize a website. There are a number of plugins available which offer you actionable suggestions and solutions to optimize your website. You need not have any technical knowledge of SEO but will still be able to optimize a website.

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