Wise Care 365: How I Got my Computer Working like New

1_200pxiOur family has owned a desktop computer for a few years now but up until recently it had been predominantly used by my son for his education. My usage recently sky rocketed when my son had gotten accepted into a University in another city and had gotten a new laptop to take with him. As time passed I noticed no one really using the computer and it was basically collecting dust. So I decided to give it a whirl and see if I could get any use out of it. I had heard from a lot of my friends that computers were great to do a lot of fun things like connect with old friends or even voice chat live.

Initially I had turned my computer on and it took almost 5 minutes for it to boot up and even after booting it was running windows 7 very slow. I did not think this was normal as the laptop I had bought my son before he left seemed to boot in a minute and run very smoothly after. So I began talking to some of my friends who used computers more often and a lot of them suggested I should just buy a new computer. I was not really needing a new computer as using this one was just a test to see if I like it anyways. I was about to just give up and throw it away when one of my friends from golf suggested I try software to speed up my computer, he told me he used Wise Care 365 and it ended up working pretty good. In the rest of this article I would like to outline what Wise Care 365 did and why I think others should give it a shot too.

To install the software took a few clicks and it downloaded and had a very smooth and easy installation. When the program was finished installing I was introduced to a very simple and understandable program layout. It had sub headings at the top of different tasks the program could do and at default was set to PC checkup.


The PC checkup has a general goal to find privacy issues and files that are useless and take up room on your computer’s memory. I ended up deleting over 1 gb of worthless files and removing some privacy issues. My computer started to feel a bit faster after this and I had more hard drive space available to save important files for later.

Going through the list of options to optimize my computer with I was next presented with a system cleaner. The system cleaner was broken down into parts such as registry, common, and advanced cleaners. I got the most out of the registry cleaner which found a lot of broken or missing files that help my system run. Once I hit the start clean button many problems were found and it did an automatic correction of them. From this I started to see my PC really start to speed up.Banner_728x400

The most important part of the program from my experience was the system tuneup section. The system tuneup is broken down into subsections like the system cleaner. The registry and disk defrag were probably the most important parts of the program that boosted my speeds to like new conditions. Basically from how I understand it, when a computer gets used more files are put all over the computer hard disk memory. So when the computer tries to open files they are scattered all around making it harder for the computer to run. With a defrag all the files are moved and neatly put into specific sectors where they can be accessed more easily and readily. From running the defrags I ended up having my computers boot times drop by almost 3 minutes and my computer was running much quicker! It was truly amazing.

I am not some genius when it comes to computers but since trying Wise Care 365 I was able to get my few year old computer running like new, heck it may even put up a good fight against my sons new laptop! Regardless Wise Care 365 does work and works well. From the PC Checkup, System Cleaner, System Tuneup, and other great features it can make a computer feel like new! I have fallen in love with computing since I was able to get my computer running and now am strongly advocating that anyone with an old or slower computer actually give Wise Care 365 a try!