A New year, a New Look, a New Logo!

That's Me!Yes, it is a new year and a new look for WindowsTalk, as I have posted about earlier. Over the holidays, I decided to try out a new Builder child theme that iThemes had just released called “Icebox”. I really liked the¬†cool look of it (no pun intended) and decided to go with it. It is also a ‘responsive’ theme in that it responds visually to whatever device you may be viewing this site on. Websites are not just to be viewed on laptops¬†and desktops any longer! After a few tweaks and the great support that comes with Builder, I had Icebox looking the way I wanted.

Now, I felt it was time to change the logo as well. Over the years, WindowsTalk has employed a number of logos and headers, some of which I clumsily designed and some that others designed, either for free or for a fee. You can check out some of the former logos and themes here on the Wayback Machine.

For a new logo, I turned to the LogoLab, who designed the previous WindowsTalk logo. The LogoLab is owned and operated by Lucian Husac and I love his work. It is of the clean, minimalist style of logo design, and I wanted something a little more modern for the new theme I was using.

Here it is:

WT - 468-web-internet use - RGB colors



Lucian was inspired to use a Windows-style logo and modify it into quote marks to coincide with the ‘talk’ portion of WindowsTalk. Pretty neat, I thought! It took some time to settle on a font for the WindowsTalk text, but I found Nobile at a site called Font Squirrel that Lucian directed me to. We went back and forth through a few revisions before settling on one that I liked. Lucian is patient and easy to work with and he is not happy until you are. He instructed me regarding design tips, things I had never thought of like rounded fonts vs. sharp cornered fonts with a logo mark with lots of corners, for instance.

Once the design is finalized, he zips up and sends you all the files, including a copyright transfer PDF file, a favicon, a social media avatar, and logo versions for print and Internet usage. The Logo Lab has different pricing packages, all affordable depending on your neeeds, and worth every penny in my opinion.

At any rate, I hope you like the ‘new look’ here at WindowsTalk, and as always, your feedback is welcome below.