Can Windows 8 Ever Replace 7?

Windows 8 is one of the new creations by Microsoft and it was released on 26thAugust, 2012. After releasing, it buzzed on the internet a lot. The key features are metro design, windows store, fast boot etc. and now it would be the reason for attracting more & more users. Now it is noteworthy not only for its great features, but also the removal of some old features which are the flagship of Windows OS for many years. Windows 8 has some new looks, so it required some adjustment so that you can interact with your PC. So, if you are happy with those old features then think twice before the up-grade.

Faster start-up:

If we compare both performances at the same time then we found that Windows 8 start-up is faster than windows 7 (Windows 8 took 18 seconds and windows 7 took 27 seconds).If we compare it with Apple’s new desktop operating system, windows 8 is faster than that. Not only in starts up Windows 8 reached several benchmarks in term of its performance.

New world of applications:

This new Microsoft product gives users a new world of applications like a full touch screen, web connected applications. Those applications show new relevant information on the display screen after each start up, it’s quite impossible for windows 7 and other operating systems. At the time of uninstalling apps does not show any registry complains as we faced in past windows versions.

SkyDrive integration:

Cloud storage service by Microsoft is becoming way more than just online storage.Still you access your save files or data online from a web browser which are supported by other operating system. Using windows 8, SkyDrive is assessable by any app that wants to use it.

Better security system and less intrusive updates:

The renowned networking and security analyst Fahmida Rashid says something about Windows 8 that – it is the most secure version of windows yet.Windows 8 is highly secure, it stops loading an operating system that has not been signed by the publisher. Integrated with highly secure and high rating internet explorer detect and prevent the downloading of 99% malicious programs.

Touch input:

Windows 8 with first class touch input makes easier to do many things like swapping file of place to another in the tablet or PC. Windows 8 has the ability to snap a sidebar of the screen with touch gesture. Keyboard and mouse are hardly forgotten and still works on this new interface using touch gesture.

At the end we reach at a conclusion that windows 8 is faster in many aspects like start-up, shutdown, multimedia performance etc. but in 3D graphics performance it need to better up its quality.Windows 8 with touch screen high quality graphics and design is more secure than windows 7. So we can say that windows 8 have the ability to replace windows 7 without any up gradation of the hardware.