Windows 8 Supports Multi-touch Gestures

Staying true to its promise of bringing Windows 8 support for its Touch Mouse, the software giant announced the Mouse and Keyboard Center 2.0 app which allows non-touch screen users perform multitouch swipes, bring-in Semantic Zoom, etc. Multi-touch gestures support finally arrived on Microsoft Windows 8’s existing Touch Mouse. And with this update, Microsoft intends to improve the functioning of its keyboard and mouse. Present users of Microsoft Windows 8 Touch Mouse can make use of a variety of multitouch gestures now made available in Windows 8, which includes finger movements for managing applications.

The new Touch Mouse in Microsoft is certainly a well designed piece of equipment. It looks classy, neat and comfortable to hold. This wireless mouse sits comfortably in any hand, glides well on any surface, and owing to the implementation of BlueTrack Optical technique in its making, users get the best mouse and trackpad experience. With the BlueTrack Optical technique in place, users have the ability to carry the Touch Mouse anywhere with them.

For years before the official announcement of the Touch Mouse, Microsoft’s hardware Research and Development team was working on making a perfect Touch Mouse. Microsoft released a prototype of the Touch Mouse a month before Apple came out with its version of a multitouch mouse.

Equipped with a touch-sensitive surface that interprets and responds to up to 3 finger gestures, this updated Touch Mouse works well even on personal computers. Let’s look at all the gestures you’ll be using to navigate in Windows 8.

· Shift Content- Use one finger to move content on screen:

The most simple, useful and important gesture is swiping your thumb sideways to go forward or back. This simple gesture is something you would never have seen on a trackpad or a mouse. But with Windows 8 support, a single flick of a single finger will help you browse through your photo gallery easily. To be able to scroll, all you need to do is slide one finger in the direction you want. By flicking one finger in any direction, you’d be able to scroll more quickly. By sliding your thumb to the right, you’ll be able to move forward through all your applications. And by sliding your thumb to the left, you’ll be able to go back through your apps. You can make use of these swiping gestures to switch between running applications, open Windows menu and bring up the settings panel.

· Manage Apps- Use two fingers to manage applications:

Swiping two fingers down the Touch Mouse will minimize the window screen you are using currently. And when you swipe up again, you’ll eventually restore the minimized window to its original size. When you swipe two fingers to the left, Windows 8 Charms gets displayed. With Charms, users get access to search option, change settings, share apps, photos, videos, etc, and view all devices. When you move two fingers to the right, you’ll be able to switch between open applications.

· Zoom- Use three fingers to zoom:

By sliding three fingers on the Touch Mouse, you will be able to increase the screen size. Since we are not working on a touchscreen, we will not be able to make use of the ‘pinch to zoom’ technique. As we are working on Touch Mouse, sliding three fingers forwards will make sure that screen is zoomed-in. With a backward slide using three fingers, you can zoom out easily.

Reports suggest that the Touch Mouse after receiving the updated support from Windows 8 has become easier to use and navigate. The need to move to hot corners to be able to activate Charms or the need to use keyboard shortcuts has been completely negated. We are waiting for this update to improve the functioning of all other Touch mice in the same range. However, the support for gestures identification is not as advanced as you would normally find on a touch screen monitor as the pinching functionality is absent. But when you keep in mind that this is the first of its kind, the fact that it has improved the navigation capability of Touch Mouse in Windows 8 is encouraging. The release of Mouse and Keyboard Center 2.0 app brings on board new and improved functionality to all new and existing users of the Touch Mouse.

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