How to Block Sites with the Windows 8 Host File

Windows 8 takes a new approach to the hosts file; it does not allow the blocking of websites by modifying the hosts file. While accessing a website the computer first contacts its domain name system (DNS) server and it requires its numerical IP address. Now for connecting to Facebook an IP address must be there to which it maps to. Then the computer will connect the numerical IP address and connection to the website will be successful. Now this behavior can be overridden by a local file called a host file. Editing the host file will help in opening that particular website using any other IP addresses.

Restriction in places

Malware often edits the hosts file. It can point Facebook at different IP address by malware organization. This malicious website could be disguised as For this Windows 8 has the capacity to monitor hosts files. When it finds that a site like is added to the hosts file, it immediately removes the entry and allows connection to normal This way Windows 8 is very useful and protective to users who never edit their host files. This way it is very protective and maintains security.

Bypassing the restrictions

There is also a need to bypass this restriction by Windows 8. There are many options for bypassing this restriction. Firstly don’t allow the host file to be monitored by Windows Defender. While using Windows Defender instead of a third-party antivirus,this is the best option. This means that malicious host files entries by malware organization will be there, computer will not be protected from these. There is another way of bypassing the restrictions by adding a third-party antivirus. Adding a third party antivirus, Windows Defender will disable itself. Actually there is no need to disable Windows Defender as it provides much needed protection to Windows 8. But it is not perfectly alright to remove Windows Defender entirely without having a third-party antivirus.

Steps to exclude hosts file

At first run the windows defender by searching for windows defender through windows 8 in-built search function. Once windows defender is open go to windows defender settings and then exclude files and locations. Next type the proper host address in the file box and select the add button. Now hit save changes. This is the way to successfully disable the windows defender protection of window’s 8 hosts file.

Editing of hosts file and blocking

Open the charms menu and search for notepad option. Right click on notepad option and run the administrator. Now open notepad as admin. After getting install there will be an option hosts and the host file will open in the notepad. Now blocking of any website is possible. Add as many websites as you want to block in the proper format. After finishing blocking close hosts file. Now all the websites are block mention in the blocking list. Now a block website cannot be opened in the browser. Thus it can be concluded that hosts files is the best and an easy way to block websites. This way using of websites become much safer and less risky.

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