4 Challenges for your Windows Operating System in the Windows 8 Era

Windows 8 logoAt the time of publishing of this post, the general release of Microsoft Windows 8 will be available, bringing both old and new challenges for maintaining the Operating System of your PC.   The following are four topics to keep in mind:

Virus attacks

The new interface and make up of Windows 8 will leave the operating system of your PC more vulnerable to malware and spyware infiltration.   Should existing or new viruses succeed in  entering your PC, they may cause damage to your Operating System.  A good anti-virus tool may detect the invader and be able to remove it, but it is not designed to remove the damage caused by the attack.  Certain PC Repair tools not only scan your Operating System to detect problems, but, for a fee, they can also  repair the damage and restore your Operating System by using replacement parts.

Crashing and freezing

Remember the joke about the Microsoft users in a car?  The car conks out in the middle of the road, and the driver calls his friend on his cellphone,  a computer engineer to help him.  The companion says “No problem.  Just close all the windows  get out of the car, get back in and try to start the car again”.  Remember those days?  We hope that crashing and freezing is indeed a part of the past Windows age, but stability problems do still occur from time to time in more recent Windows versions, and Windows 8 is, naturally, brand new.

Games and programs

Should damage occur to your Operating System after you install Windows 8, you may also lose the old files needed to operate your favorite games or programs.  Sophisticated repair tools will replace damage or missing files in your OS with new, fresh files from a constantly maintained data base.

Junk and duplication

When you buy new clothes, it’s easy to see how much room you have in your closet and you can manually give away old clothes to make room for the new.  However, with a new Operating System, manual cleaning of duplicate, temporary and junk files is a different story.  In the short-term, this big mess may not bother you, but in the long-term, you may experience slow downs and have far less room in your memory.

Reimage may be the first to have released a PC repair tool that has already tested Windows 8 and deemed its software to be able to help end users restore  the Operating Systems of PCs that may be affected by virus or malware attacks now that Windows 8 has been released.  Reimage Repair also offers a high quality OS repair for “Wintels” (PCs or tablets containing Intel x86 processors running alongside Microsoft Windows).

Although Microsoft has been transparent in its offering of preview versions and the promise that the last beta is the stable version pretty  close to the general release, the average user does not know how its tablet, laptop or  desktop is going to measure up against compatibility issues, protection, malware and trojans, or overall Operating System performance.

Time will tell.