Top 10 Windows Tools For Bloggers

Blogging has captured the attention of many web users since it cuts down the burden of publishing your own thoughts. With more useful (and non-useful) information regarding different varieties of topics online, just how do you actually improve on your own writing chops using modern technology? Here are 10 most useful windows tools for bloggers to help them write better materials.

Microsoft Word

The number one tool that could help you write is probably the most basic program on your Windows OS. The Microsoft Word is ever improving for every version that it comes up with. It becomes more user friendly than its predecessor. What makes the Microsoft Word so functional is the fact that everything you need in making a document. Geared towards everything that involves writing, this is a must have on your computer.


There are a lot of WYSIWYG Editors. In fact, Blogger, WordPress and other 2.0 sites carry this function. However if you want to work more offline and you want to see how it really looks, having a WYSIWYG editor on your own computer could actually increase the likelihood of cutting time of work involved when you get online. Windows Live Writer is one of the most effective tools that you could go for if you want an all in one WYSIWYG Editor and editing software on your desktop.

Adobe Photoshop

Now, you must be wondering what Photoshop is doing in this list? In reality, it is a no-no to have no photos on your entry. You need to be original since this will also develop your blog’s overall trademark and your personality as a writer. This is useful for those photos that you see online. All you need to do is to tweak it and it could already be an appealing addition to the text that you are going to add up.


If you are having a difficult time using Adobe Photoshop, Gimp is the next best thing for you to use if you are looking for creative photos and other graphics on every entry that you provide to your readers. Gimp is the user friendly version of the sophisticated Adobe Photoshop. However, you might be limited on the things that it can do.


A firefox extension for an editor, this could allow you to actually use the blog on a specific page without you leaving the browser. This means that it is blogging simplified and it could be used on Windows, Mac and even Linux.

VLC Player

There are times when bloggers need to splice on specific videos and turn them into still photos to add appeal to their blogs. VLC player allows any type of video format to be played on your computer not to mention it has one of the best sound qualities around.

Trading Platforms

There is a growth when it comes to the financial writers online. In fact, if you want to be original, you may want to have a forecast of your own. Having binary options trading platforms could actually make this difference. You will never be left out with the trends in your financial write up when you have these types of tools.


Dropbox is one of the most popular clouds online today. If you are someone who is concerned about having backup of your files like pictures and videos, this is a great software to be used on your windows. It is simple and you could access the files on any computer as long as there is an internet connection.

Memo Keys

Do you ever wonder that saying “Thank You” needs to be typed all the way for your comments? If you are going to reply on multiple comments on different entries on your blog, it is suggested to have shortcut keys. MemoKeys provide this type of action on its users.

Odesk Software

Do you ever dreamed of writing for fun and get paid by the hour? With a client on Odesk, you can actually do this. You can get paid by the hour using the software developed to log in the number of hours that you are doing your work. This is working reinvented as you get paid even if you are staying in your favorite coffee shop writing things that actually interest you.

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