The Windows Surface – A Major Tablet Competitor

Microsoft’s new Surface tablet is in a class of its own, with its colorful interchangeable keyboard. The unique design is innovative and perfect for those who wish to use the tablet as a PC as well as a mobile gaming console, media center or just for browsing the internet.

Hands-free like a PC

The Windows Surface originally installed with Windows RT, has now been launched with the all-new Windows 8 operating system. This device includes all the functionality of a Windows 8 PC. Also included is an integrated kickstand which can be flipped out to allow hands-free use, making it easier to work with compared to most other tablets in the market. This is a big advantage of the The Surface because most other tablets have to be held or laid flat on a desk or table; not ideal if you’re watching a 2-3 hour long movie.

How does it compare?

When comparing The Surface to the iPad or other tablets, the real test is in the user interface and the entire user experience of the product. Since Microsoft is still dominating the PC market, particularly in business applications, the familiar Windows features will be familiar and comforting to those just entering the tablet world.

With a screen size of 10.6″ The Surface is wider than its competitors but no less portable, weighing less than 2lbs with a 13.5mm casing. The dual speakers give a stereo sound adding to your music and movie entertainment. Complete with 128 GB of storage, powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, makes it super powerful compared to other tablets.

Not Just for Fun

Since the Microsoft Surface Tablet uses Windows 8 as its operating system, you can do just about anything on the Surface Tablet that you can do on your Windows desktop or laptop. The Surface also has a unique pen, allowing you to jot down notes or sign documents anytime, anywhere.

You can install applications and connect with accessories and printers, just as you would with your Windows PC. You can also use The Surface for business presentations by connecting it through the mini DisplayPort, to projectors, big screens or inter-active displays. No more hauling heavy laptops or notebooks around, now you can just pop your presentation into your handbag or briefcase and still have all the business tools you need to get through your day at the office.


The Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows 8 Pro combines the security and manageability that you’d expect from Microsoft. The tablet uses ‘BitLocker’ to encrypt the data on your hard drive, helping to keep your personal data, applications and documents safe; giving you the peace of mind you have come to expect from a Microsoft device.

Written by author Ben Tanner, sharing his interest of smartphone accessories and new technology.