A Definitive Guide to Using the ‘Windows Store’ on Windows 8

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Windows 8 devices have been on the market for some time now, but many are yet to be fully comfortable with the new Metro UI and everything that comes with it. One of the best additions to the new operating system from Microsoft is the Windows Store. It is a one stop shop for all apps you may need for your computer. The best part is you can get them while sitting at home, and without having to go to websites whose security is suspicious.

The design of the store’s landing page is such that it prominently displays the best apps. Apps in the store are categorized by popularity, newness, quick growth, genre, and more. App recommendations based on your previous choices, pages that endorse editorial theme apps and so on are displayed to you.

Navigating the Store is uncomplicated, and in line with the Windows 8 model. Moving through categories to identify the most pertinent apps is made easy thanks to the directed discovery supported by the inbuilt search.

The store app catalog is present in the search engines’ indices and direct links to web pages of apps are also supported. The search results will point you to a web edition of the app listing.

You need to have a Microsoft account to access the free apps; if you’re interested in purchasing any, you need to reveal your credit card details. This simplifies the buying process actually.

There are thousands of apps, ranging from shopping and travel to news and business and games and sports. You can see a list of the best free and paid apps within each category, so you know which app was released the latest.

Installing an app is very simple:

It only entails selecting it when you are in the store and installing it. If you have a decent internet connection and your app is not going to take too much disk space, it should be ready for use in minutes. A popup window will notify you when it’s done installing. A live tile is automatically created on the start screen, saving you the trouble of endlessly clicking next on an Installation Wizard or wading through your Downloads folder.

You will also get notifications when there are updates available for the apps you already have. You can see these by clicking on Updates in the right side on the top of your screen to find out which of your apps have the latest versions for download.

An interesting thing you can do after signing in to the store is to install your apps on up to 5 computers.

This is how you install apps on another PC:

  • Open Windows store.
  • Swipe downwards on the screen and tap Your Apps, or on the top side of the screen, right click and select Your Apps.
  • Choose your preferred apps and install them, very simple. 

In case you have already installed these apps on 5 computers, you will need to remove one from the account before you install them on another computer.

  • Go to the Windows Store.
  • Swipe to the left and select Settings, or point your mouse to the top right hand corner, and click on Settings after moving the pointer downwards.
  • Select Your Account and sign in if you haven’t done so already.
  • Go to Your PCs, and select Remove next to the computer you wish to remove from your account. 

Here are some of the best pick apps available in Windows store: Wikipedia, Google Search, Evernote, Allrecipes, Weatherbug, Netflix, Flip Toast, Hulu Plus and Tuneln Radio.

Remember that you can only install these apps through the Windows Store, and not from the developers’ websites.

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