Windows Phone 7.8 Update – Review

The long awaited Windows Phone 7.8 update is finally here. This means some chosen phones can take advantage of a few select features that the Windows 8 Phones come with. Here’s a closer look at what Windows Phone 7.8 update has to offer.

The Live Tile System

This is regarded as one of the best features of the Windows 8 Phone. Such phones are powered with a tile based user interface that was formerly known as Metro. Users can use the Live Tiles feature smartly. Such tiles give users live updates of the information they are looking for. One glance at the Live Tiles and the user can update him on what the score of a particular game is. These tiles also provide users with real time weather updates. Such live updates will be displayed in the user’s area section of the phone.

When some Windows Phone 7.8 users attempted to update this Live Tiles feature they faced a minor problem. They found that the Live Tiles froze and they did not display live data or information. One of the ways to get over this issue is to carry out a factory reset of the handset. Having completed the same each application has to be installed one after another. No official statement has been made about this issue from Microsoft.

Live Tiles Resizing

Resizing Live Tiles on the Start Screen is a breeze. Follow the simple steps to achieve this:

  • Select the respective tile that you wish to resize.
  • Press and hold the Live Tile.
  • You will notice an arrow at the corner of the Live Tile.
  • You can increase or decrease size of the Live Tile.

The resized tile fits in-between the other Live Tiles on your Start Screen.

Resetting the lockscreen and loading rotating Bing wallpapers

Once you switch or wake up your device the lockscreen greets you. On a Windows Phone 7 only limited information such as date, appointments on the calendar, SMS, calls or alerts that are received and time are displayed. The problem with this phone is that its wallpaper behind the content is not static. This requires the user to change the image manually. This can be successfully carried out by going to the Settings section or by going to the Phones hub and adding an image.

Unlocking accent colors

A majority of smartphone owners can choose themes with different colors to depict their current mood. When a user changes the phone’s theme, the smartphone sports an all new look. The all new collection of accent colors that have been added can be unlocked by going to Settings and selecting Themes.

With the Windows Phone 7.8 update the Start screen with Live Tiles will look refreshing. The wallpaper on the users’ phone can be one of Bing’s image of the day. Thanks to this new update. The 20 newly added accent theme colors will help users use a color to depict their every mood.

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