Windows phone games: some most recommended by reddit

Technological and communications developments have taken mobile phones to a whole new level. Work and no play make “jack” a dull person… the saying goes; mobile phones games can come in handy when a breather is needed from a busy schedule. Reddit, a social news and entertainment website has a large list of some of the best games for windows phones. In this article, you are going to be enlighten on some of them including how to play and some of the features.

From action packed games to those that are meant to stimulate your mind, there is something for everyone. If you have ever played dungeon stalker 1 then you know what am talking about. What’s more, the 2nd series of the same game is out. Enjoy playing dungeon stalker 2 on windows phone 8 or 7.5. If you have ever wanted to be a hero, then this is your chance. This game is a 3D role-playing game in which you as the hero battles with the wicked oppressor called overlord, the aim of the battle is to save your homeland. There are many levels with different graphics, enemies and riddles to ensure that you do not get bored while playing. There is concurrent fight combat with dual control and you have a wide variety of weapons to select and personalize. Those who were asking if there is free version yet, the answer is yes. The full free version is complete, but the downside of it is that you will have to play with ads popping up on your screen. To avoid all those interruptions, get the paid version and have fun being the hero of your homeland.


Playing with your buddies has been made even more exciting so get your friends and play modern combat 4 cooperatively or head to head. I assure you this game will leave you wanting more. Some of the features that make this game totally worth the money are as follows. For starters, the game allows for multi-player play, and you can connect multiplayer mode through Face book or Xbox LIVE even if the online interactions are not focused to Xbox live parental settings. You will get improved sound and acting as well mind-blowing counter effects. If those features haven’t convinced you that this game is worth trying, how about this; you can easily switch from a hero to a villain and vice versa!


If you are more of mind invigorating kind of a person, there are games that will make you think your way out to the next level instead fighting and shooting, Wordament game is relaxing and fun. Just to give you a brief introduction, you are supposed to go up, down, side to side and even diagonally in order to find as many words on the available grid as you possibly can, but before the time elapses. This one is easier said than done so do not be tricked that you will have it easy. You can use your Facebook account to log in and play versus your friends who are also logged in, in the same way; it is now possible to share your best scores to social networks. Talk about letting your peers know you are a guru. Microsoft studios, the publishers of Wordament, have made it possible to access the game in 15 puzzle languages and they promise that more are coming soon. This means that you do not have to understand or speak English to play. There are times when we want to change the themes which the games are in, now that is very doable, the themes of this games are completely standalone themes; as in they are separate from your phone’s themes and colors. To become a champion either ; locate the majority of the words, gain the best score, find the longest words, or outdo your top score. Many of windows phones games including those mentioned here requires the identity of the phone and its owner, movement and directional sensor, data services, photo, music and video libraries for you to install the games in your phone. There are some that require Xbox for instance Wordament while there are those that do not. Others like modern combat will necessitate user ID and gamer tag so as to enable game features. Jason Phillips loves playing cool and latest games. He also enjoys blogging about video games and technology. He is in fact a part of an online gaming site

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