Top 10 Windows Phone Apps for Students For Language Learning

Windows phones are making a comeback now that the Windows 8 operating system is up and running, and that means more apps will be created to meet demand. If you are a language student then the apps listed below are going to be very useful for you. Here are ten of the top Windows apps to help you whilst learning a language; the list is not in any particular order.

1. Translator
Named like another app on this list, but quite a different app all together. It is a very good language translation tool that allows you to enter your data into the tool and it comes out with your translation. All you need to do is press the button for the language you want it translated to. It is able to translate 50 languages, and it has some very nice voice-to-text functions too, which makes it all the more useful.

2. PersianDic Aryanpour
This is an Iranian (Persian) to English translator. It translates from one to the other and back again. It also has an Iranian keyboard in it so that a person may type the Persian language into it and have it translated for them.

3. Travel Translator – World Language
This is a translator that will convert English into 30 other languages. It is special because it offers you a history of translated words, which is very handy when you are in another country and you keep coming across words you are not sure about or cannot remember.

4. PersianDic
This is a Persian and English converter. It has 210.000 English word and 83.000 Iranian words in it. It is great for translating the Persian language to English and back again. It has a very good design to it too, which is a bonus. It is also easy enough to use.

5. T-Translator
This app is able to translate up to 72 languages, which is quite impressive. It makes it the go-to app if you have come across a language that the other translation apps are not willing to translate. It also comes with a dictionary which will tell you the translations of words and phrases. It is a free app, and even though it relies a lot on black in its design, it is still easy to look at and use.

6. Translate This
This is a translation tool that very cheekily uses both the Google translator and the Bing translator. It also has a speech to text translation system so that people may say things into your phone and it will be translated for you into the languages of your choice. Since it runs on the Bing and Google translators it will also translate as many languages that they translate.

7. Spanish English Dictionary+
This app will translate Spanish into English and into the American version of English (which is basically just different spellings). It also has many great features such as verb conjugators, audio pronunciation and a phrasebook. It is both fun and very useful to use.

8. Translator
This is an app that uses the Bing translator to translate the stuff on the screen. It does have a very good aspect to it, and that is the fact that you can take a photo of a sign or notice in another language and it will have a go at translating it for you. It sets itself onto your phone so that you do not even need a translator in most cases. It also comes with all the benefits of the Bing translator, which includes the fact it can translate all the languages that the Bing translator translates.

9. Translator Pro
This has more than fifty languages in it and you are able to listen to the translations you create. You can also gain access to all the words you have translated whilst using the app. It is handy to take on holiday with you, and is easy to get the hang of. All you have to do is have a play around with it and you will soon have it figured out.

10. VoiceTranslator
With this app you can speak into your phone and it will translate what you say into the language of your choice. It is not a bad translator, and Windows are known for having the best voice to text translators. The only trouble with this and all software like this is that you have to get the pronunciation right or it has no idea what you are trying to say.