Windows Mobile VPN: Surf the web safely and stay away from prying eyes

With iPhones launched in the market that offers amazing speed and graphics, windows mobile is considered as a stepchild in the world of smartphone. It is true that the latest handheld devices come with various features and support full Google integration but for serious users, Windows mobile still has many things to offer. Mobile has become an important device in our life as it helps us to remain connected with remote locations and today there are various applications that help in getting real time information, check mails, assign tasks, carry out financial transactions, watch news and derive information on various things for instant updates.

Windows mobile offers an excellent multi-tasking platform and the operating system has no problems with tasks that are running in the background. Windows mobile smartphones have enabled the user to use a lot of applications that helps them to search variety of outlets and complete tasks.

You can remain competitive and gain access to any website for information but have you ever thought about the safety of your online data while you are accessing the net through your mobile? With increased use of mobile, hackers are also adopting various means to gain access to confidential information that can be sold to other parties for money or steal money from your personal bank accounts. While travelling, it is essential to remain connected with your office or home and transfer important data online. For this, you may also need to access the public net or Wi Fi hotspots and such point of access are usually very unsafe as hackers can keep an eye on your online activities and track your passwords, login ids and other financial details. So, the only answer to remain safe online is through VPN for windows mobile.

Windows mobile VPN allows corporates to connect to work systems and remain safe even while accessing Wi Fi hotspots. Before you establish a connection from your handheld device, you need to search a VPN service provider and need to connect to their VPN server. Once you are connected, you will be provided a tunnel through which your traffic will be transferred and all your data will be sent only after encryption to the specific destination.

Some advantages of using windows mobile VPN

Opting for windows mobile VPN has become a common practice because of its voluminous advantages. Let us discuss some of the most important features in this article.

Cost benefits: windows mobile VPN clients can remain connected with their peers located at distant places without paying extra cost since they don’t have to purchase any extra hardware or infrastructure to take care of a safe network.

VPN protocols: with windows VPN, the users don’t have to install any additional plugins to support PPTP and L2TP as they are built in features in the operating system. This enables the user to remain connected with the use of these protocols and access the internet while hiding their original IP address.

High security of data: with windows mobile VPN, the user can be assured of security as all the latest version of windows are laced with authentication protocols and encryption techniques that strengthens the security level.

Hidden IP address: your identity and browning details is not revealed to any third party when you are on the net and this is the main reason why hackers are unable to track your original IP address. Masking your IP address also allows you to access any geographically restricted website and gain information easily.


Mobile has become the prime means of communication with remote locations and today there are various applications that enable you to remain updated, access information, make financial transactions and send or receive important data. Shielding your personal information from unwanted users over the web is very important as hackers can cause tremendous loss to your business as well as finances. It is only through a secured windows mobile VPN connection that you will be able to protect your data online and maintain your privacy.