Windows 8 To Be On New Nokia Phones

So what if Apple is storming the market with their iPhone 5 towards the end of the year? That clearly is not going to stop Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone maker, who has had a rough year as far as sales. The company has announced last week that they will be releasing their new Lumia lineup powered by Windows 8, which has assumed the “codename” Apollo for Nokia, in September. Specifically, the introduction of the Lumia series is supposed to be out by September 5 at a conference put on by Nokia and Microsoft.

The makeup of the series is simply put as “Phi”, “Atlas” and “Arrow” – the three new devices. According to Slash Gear, each device will a specific level of service from “mid-range” to “hero”. Slash Gear also reported that Arrow and Atlas will be extremely similar to each other.

More details should come to light in just a few weeks at the conference that is to be held in New York City. What is exciting to see is this sort of proactive attitude by both Microsoft and Nokia. The obvious battle to go against in the market place will be Apple and their near-end-of-year offerings, including the iPhone 5 and the now-released Mac OS X Mountain Lion, which has already been placed high against Windows 8 (as critics always seem to want to do.)

This is not the first time Microsoft and Nokia have teamed up for a single product. Perhaps you remember the Lumia 710 that was released in January that featured Windows 7.

The distinctive properties between Windows 7 and 8 should also bring the new Lumia series with a standing chance against Apple, and as Bloomberg had reported, an analyst for Needham & Co. named Charlie Wolf was quoted in saying that he believes the new Nokia series has a pretty strong chance to last.

Though Windows 8 will be out publicly in late October, the Nokia release will give a pretty decent mobile preview of the system about a month and a half early. Check for updates on the upcoming conference.

A big Windows fan, Doug Glaston is a blogger in technology, gadgets, digital satellite dish TV and more.