Five Windows 8 Tablets

In the recent past tablets have become popular and those who can afford are striving to get one. Most tablet manufacturers are also in the struggle to make their tablets acceptable to all customers. Microsoft, for instance has encouraged manufacturers to develop Windows 8 powered tablets so that their customers can be at per with their counterpart android users. There are several Windows 8 powered tablets for one to choose from, whether one wants it for playing games, typing documents or sketching ideas.

Some Windows 8 powered tablets in the market include:

· The Dell XPS 10 – £315/US$340 (around AU$520)

This tablet is run by windows RT. It is a laptop-tablet hybrid that has a detachable keyboard that resembles a full laptop XPS. When it is bought, it has a copy of Microsoft Office 2013 installed in it. Like most Microsoft powered devices, it only runs applications from the windows application store; that has basically all the applications that one needs. Its storage is increased with a micro SD card slot and two Universal Serial Bus (USB) 3.0 ports.

· The Asus Vivo Tab Smart ME400 – £380/US$450/AU$600

This tablet boasts the processor and is run by windows 8.It comes with MS Office pre-installed and is also compatible with new windows applications from the windows application store. It can also run older desktop soft-wares .It has a magnificent rear camera with a flash and full high definition video shooting, onto that it has a 2MP front –facing camera for video.

· The Dell Latitude 10 – £375/US$500/AU$600

It is a little different form the other tablets because it has fingerprint scanners and smart card readers; just what a person who has completely embraced the digital era needs in their daily activities! It has several USB connections for connecting it to a screen and keyboard. The battery can be swapped with a spare one; hence one can use it for a long time without needing an external power source. If one wants to be a bit classy, they can get a stylus as it can also work with it.

· The Samsung Ativ Smart PC – £650/US$750/AU$800

It is an 11.6-inch tablet that runs windows 8 fully. It comes with a Samsung S-Pen to work with the digitized screen. Its storage can be increased using the micro SD card port, USB ports, micro HDMI, Bluetooth 4.0 and so forth.

· The Microsoft Surface Pro – £639/US$799/AU$889

It is a product of Microsoft and runs full windows 8. It has a kickstand and magnetic connectors for power and the keyboard. It has a high resolution touch screen of 10.6 –inch and also uses a stylus. It has a high Intel processor; core i5 processor. It is compatible with almost all applications.


As illustrated from the examples of windows 8 powered tablets, it is now evident that Microsoft is dedicated to ensure its faithful consumers enjoy all makes of tablets that are in the market. In case of any trouble or any burning issue that one wants to be addressed with immediate effect, one can contact them using a sky number which enables them to reach their service providers faster. The sky number also helps one to avoid the jam that one is likely to experience when using normal helplines.