5 Major Reasons Why Response to Windows 8 is Overwhelming in India

Recently, the media reported that Microsoft India seems to be getting a good response to its products especially the newly launched OS – Windows 8. According to the company officials more 300 applications have been developed within a week since the launch of Windows 8 in the country. Not only that, more than four million downloads have been recorded in just 4-5 days of its launching. Hence you can very well make the high adoption rate found in the Indian consumers. If you look at the number of foot falls found over the wide range of stores all across different Indian states the consumers are simply delighted to buy the Windows 8 based devices. The recent AppFest event saw a number of developers and technical professionals designing and testing a wide range of applications that run smoothly over the Windows 8 based platforms. So, what makes Windows 8 so special to Indian market that makes the consumers here so crazy about it? To answer this question, you need to check certain features, which are behind the overwhelming response. All these features give reason to bring home Windows 8 for their devices. Let’s check the top five key reasons why Windows 8 is getting such an overwhelming response in India as under:

1). It’s pretty inexpensive

One of the basic reasons why Windows 8 is getting such an overwhelming response is that it is dirt cheap. India though is a growing country, yet a majority of people still live close to poverty, and hence the wealthy people here are mere limited. Here you can still find most of the people pitted with financial issues, hence if anything comes in higher cost unlike other products, people here may fail to afford. However, this is not the case with the newly launched Windows 8 in India. The fact is if you look at the Windows 8 installation, the cost seems less than the previous versions of Windows like XP with 30 dollars and Windows 7 coming at around 20 dollars. The dirt cheap cost of Windows 8 makes it very much suitable for the Indian market.

2). Simple to use and operate

If you look at the Windows 8 features, one of the striking features is that it is extremely less confusing for the computer users. The entire Windows 8 as compared to the Windows RT stuff is presently bringing in a big burden for the users if you fall in the category of portable touch device. However, looking in perspective of PC users it happens to be very much simple and straight forward. Windows 8 is no nonsense kind of operating system and far away from the complications found in Windows 7 Home Basic, Business or Ultimate version or the Home Premium stuff. Here simplicity is the key.

3). Better battery life

As you know Indian consumers are very much cost sensitive, hence they look out for products, which come with better features. One of the important features of Windows 8 is that it consumes less battery, which means your battery life goes long. So, whether you are using a Windows 8 based laptop or tablet/smartphone you would end up getting incredibly higher battery life. Plus you do not have to lose or compromise other things in order to enjoy this feature of higher and better kind of battery life. So another reason for the Indians to like Windows 8!

4). Better security and data recovery

Indian consumers are lured to things like better security and effective data recovery options, which they end up getting in Windows 8 a lot. If you compare this modern version of Windows with the previous ones, Windows 8 is much smarter in terms of security with feature like Windows Defender in it. At the same time the Push Button Rest also helps your PC or other device to return to your fresh or factory condition in just few minutes without losing your data or settings. The feature called Storage Spaces is importantly a more user friendly kind of data replicating option that helps in replacing the overweight old RAID arrays.

5). Good looks

Another reason why Indian market is getting a good response for Windows 8 is it looks cool in any interface you use. So, whether you use the same over your old desktop or over the modern devices, it simply improves the aesthetic value of your machine.  No more complex transparencies and the drop shadows. You will find it in a much neat and clean kind of interface, which happens to be kinder to your eyes and would be seen aging very gracefully. Lastly, you can also notice a new contemporary UI, which changes the overall scene.

Final word

Indian market is very much different than the market in the west. The newly launched Windows 8 version by Microsoft seems to blend perfectly with the requirements of Indian consumers. Hence they have all reasons to like and use it.