Windows 8 Operating System: An Overview

Who is not familiar with Windows 8 OS? We all know it is the next generation operating system developed by Microsoft for various devices such as desktop computers, tablets and laptops. It introduced a lot inside the tablet without pulling its root out from laptops and desktop computers. Major difference that you will find in this operating system is that it has new stylish and spanking Window start menu. All programs use tiles which are extremely beautiful upgrade for the new interface. Another great work added in Windows 8 OS is Windows store from where you can purchase different applications of your choice from your PC. Most applications are free to get and some are not free but also in cheap price.

Windows 8 user interface

Windows 8 has its own unique user interface that is different from its predecessors. There are different options that you can make for its user interface and it can take even hours to customize it in your own choice. You can make its appearance completely change by different UI customized features. For instance, by default, Windows 8 does not show programs on task bar but you can make it possible with little changes. It has programs that are tablet ready and they run on different windows with full screen mode. Tap on the right corner of window’s screen and click on program that you want to open.

Split Window

When you need to use two things in one time then focusing on both tasks equally can make your work easier. In old Windows version, it is not possible to keep exchanging and focusing between tabs but new version make this thing possible so that users can see two applications on single screen at same time. You can use Snap programs for viewing two applications by splitting the window screen.

Backup feature with file history

Next generation OS can hold file history that is considered a savior over backup. Throw your worries of losing your important data from computer because it is Windows 8 that maintains the previous versions of all files which you delete mistakenly or lose due to some other reasons. It is better to activate the File Saver manually that is present in “System and Security” area inside the Control Panel.

Change your settings

One of the most interesting features that you will find in Windows 8 OS is that it has ability to connect your Windows ID and add information from various applications such as Xbox, SkyDrive, Outlook, Hotmail and many other cloud apps.

Simpler Shutdown

Shutting down your computer in Windows 8 is similar to old versions of Windows OS but it also adds a simpler way to shutdown. Simply press “Alt+F4” from keyboard and press “Enter” and your PC would be shut down. 

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