Latest Windows- Windows 8 For Every Professional

Windows 8 logoWhile the latest version of Microsoft’s trademark Operating System, Windows 8, has been in stores for about a year now, with the software making room for touchscreen enabled Windows 8 Laptops and Windows 8 Tablets, it is in essence clear, that the software has incorporated only small and simple changes to its predecessor Windows 7. A few months back, the first software update to Windows 8 was released: windows 8.1, taking away the very few glitches in the windows 8 program and re-programming them for an overall enriching end-user experience.

One of the distinguishing features of the latest windows is that while not entirely doing away with the traditional windows “desktop” screen, it calls for an all new start screen. While this works pretty much the same way the old start menu did, it opens into a full screen window and the user has the choice of launching windows-8 style applications from it. One might be wont to think that the groundwork for windows 8 was laid down in the windows phone OS, which had similar apps.

It is worth noting that the only two versions of Windows 8 available in the market right now are both for Win86 or Win64 PCs. Microsoft still has not made a specifically made version of the operating system for older PCs or ARM devices that can still download and install it.

Buying Windows 8 online is very user friendly and requires next to no knowledge of the software beforehand. The user is guided by a step-by-step download and installation instructions which takes into account all issues of hardware compatibility. You can usually keep a certain portion of your old version of windows upon download and installation of windows 8, but this would depend chiefly on which version you are updating from. The more latest the version, the more similarities you will have with Windows 8.

Installation typically depends on how full your computer is with applications and files. Scanning it for errors takes up to twenty minutes, and installation can take up to two hours. Upon installation, you usually get to set up a local user account or log into your windows from a Hotmail account or the equivalent. Upon completion of the installation, you get a built-in tutorial on what is new in the latest version and how to make full use of all that it has to offer. This tutorial plays a few times while your new software gets installed, and then the setup screen starts changing colours – probably to give the user an account of the choices of colours available as well as a reassurance that the computer is still up and running and not hung up.

Overall, Windows 8 is a revolutionary new version of Microsoft Windows that makes a great deal of difference by making only subtle changes in the way of work. It opens up a whole new world of computers by bringing in touchscreen computing and builds on the strengths of its predecessor to overall increase the user experience.

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