Bugs in Windows 8

We expect many more things when new software launched by Microsoft, and the same thing we expect from Windows 8.  Earlier versions of Windows are Windows 7, XP, and Vista. After using the new operating system users of Windows 8 are complaining about some problems and bugs in it like malfunctioning of apps, driver woes, installation snags etc.

Colour Schema Problem:

Since many users posting on web-based forums it is found that they are displeasured by the green Colour schema of Microsoft’s new Metro user interface. It generates an alarm when any apps won’t open and other devices which are not properly working with windows 8. There are so may crucial question that how those applications and devices function properly.

Application Problem:

Users are facing some apps problems like after installing Windows 8 some of the applications ex. Weather, news, and paint play, games are not opening. Some of the developers from Microsoft support’s suggestion to fix these problems by setting the resolution to 1280 by 800 or higher but it isn’t working. For those applications won’t work, other developer suggests that to switch from a Live Id account to a regular account or vice versa and changing the order so that applications can start normally.

Not working with printers and Bluetooth:

Drivers of printer, display, sound and others are not working properly because it only supports some devices not the others. Some users complain that after properly installation of the printer driver to windows 8, it won’t start scanning.Another problem with Bluetooth driver, it does not work well and unable to power on the device. Other users blame about video driver incompatibilities and brightness issues.

Installation failure:

Over in MSDN forum developers found complains like ‘required device driver missing’. At the time of the installation it shows an error that require drive driver like CD/DVD driver missing. This problem may be solved by reinstalling it or re-download the driver and install it again.

Developers preview means Buggy:

Microsoft is willing to share software development efforts with expanded user, it’s only possible if more users dislike than to like about windows 8.Due to Bugs in windows 8 operating system, quite balmy comparison starts with winds 7 over installation and driver incompatibility problem.

Customers and business users are paddling with windows 8 under the same spirit and tolerance like previous versions and product of the Microsoft product. In twitter around 47 per cent of users expressed that how much they are excited about windows 8 and 20 per cent are not like this product due to some issues and bugs. 33 per cent of userssuggest Microsoft to improve this operating system. Those kinds of forums really help the developers with feedback from the user and bug reports so that they can start with analysis problems and solve it. With tons of free testing we expect that at the end with much luck we will get much better windows 8.

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