WiMAX – A Perfect Alternative to Wi-Fi

 Internet and mobile phones have brought a revolution in the world. Also, with their combined use, internet mobility has become even more effective and popular. In earlier days, people relied on the use of wires to connect to a router or modem in order to get online. However, with the introduction of Wi-Fi or wireless fidelity, you can easily go online without any use of wires. It’s just that the device has to be within the range of Wi-Fi. In case the device is out of reach, you cannot access the net.

A latest addition to Wi-Fi is the WiMAX technology. WiMAX is abbreviation for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.  It manly functions the same way as Wi-Fi works. The only difference between WiMAX and Wi-Fi is the scale of range. WiMAX usually works for large scale area. If you need internet all the time and at all the places then you should go for WiMAX technology, whereas in other cases you must opt for Wi-Fi.  To use WIMAX or Wi-Fi, you will require mobile devices that support Wi-Fi. The most advanced version of WiMAX can provide you with 40MB/second of surfing speed. Various studies and researches are being conducted on WiMAX technology to increase its speed to up to 1GB/second.

WiMAX is surely the technology of the future. In some years, it is likely to overtake Wi-Fi in terms of popularity. It will definitely become one of the frontiers of mobile internet. Like Wi-Fi, it doesn’t require any cables or broadband connections. There are many people who don’t prefer using Wi-Fi as the connection speed is much less than when connected via broadband and cable. However, soon WiMAX will match the speed of cable or broadband. In case you want to shift from Wi-Fi service to WiMAX service then you have to contact your local service provider and ask him to make necessary changes.

There are many advantages of using WiMAX and Wi-Fi, the biggest being that you can access information from anywhere, anytime. Also, it’s not that you can use these technologies only in mobile phones; you can use them on PC’s and laptops too.

Majority of the telecom companies are offering WiMAX services. The basic form of Wi-Fi has got some limitations and it’s not fit for wide range, however WiMAX will push through and meet all your requirements.

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