Will Windows Be Top Choice for Tablets?

Most people are familiar with the iPad, the most popular and currently desired tablet in the entire world. This well-known device runs Apple’s iOS operating system. However, as 2012 comes, Microsoft will bring out their new tablets running a touch-friendly version of the Windows operating system.
According to a poll conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) which surveyed both American and Chinese citizens, the Windows OS could possibly dethrone the current king of tablets. Results from both groups that participated suggested they would prefer running Windows on a tablet, beating the iOS by a decent margin.

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Specifically, 44% of Chinese consumers preferred Windows over 34% that preferred Apple. 42% of American consumers preferred the mobile version of Windows over just 27% preferring Apple on tablets from wireless internet providers.

A senior partner of the BCG, John Rose, says that this does not necessarily indicate that 2012 will see Windows emerging on tablets throughout the world, taking over as king of the tablet empire. It also does not indicate that these consumers would even purchase tablets with the Windows operating system on them. The results of the survey are strictly hypothetical.

The Boston Consumer Group survey also showed that the market for tablets is just about certain to explode within the next couple of years, even going as far to say that the number of people who own tablets in the United States is expected to be double what it is now by the year 2013.

Attraction the Focal Point

Rose states that instead of attempting to pull current Apple users from the company, the various tablets that will run Windows should instead focus on attracting people who do not already have a tablet. To put that into perspective, it is similar to the release of the Android operating system; Google established their self in a growing market and Apple did not have any significant loss in sales.

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It is perhaps also important to note that this survey occurred prior to the announcement of the Kindle Fire tablet, which then received an incredibly high number of pre-orders. The tablet by Amazon featured a fully-formed media marketplace with a price just low enough to attract a new audience. It is the epitome of what Rose means by a company making and promoting a tablet properly.

Is Windows Greater than Apple?
However, it is still very interesting that nearly half of the surveyed consumers prefer the Windows operating system over both Android and the iOS. Rose claims that it simply could be due to convenience and a familiar name instead of any real excitement of the platform.

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After all, many tablet owners greatly enjoy having integrated multi-device functionality, which has a prominent presence within the world of Windows devices. However, there is a huge functionality gap that Apple tablets do not currently have bridging to those services, and it might just lead to its dethronement as far as the tablet market is concerned.

Future Windows Tablet Release

As of now, neither Microsoft nor any of the hardware manufacturers with which the company is affiliated have mentioned any dates as far as tablets that use the Windows operating system are concerned, although the Build conference back in September — the conference when Windows 8 was announced — saw a few thousand Samsung prototypes given to developers.

Interestingly, the new Windows 8 desktop operating system shows a major emphasis on being touch-friendly. In fact, it is precisely the sort of technology that would work very well ported onto a tablet. However, the major question still remains with regard to whether or not a tablet with the Windows operating system could actually take over nearly half of the tablet market, putting a halt to the Android/iOS party that has been so prominent these past few years.

 Blake Sanders is a writer of tech news and information at broadband comparison site Broadband Expert. Blake specializes in high speed internet as well as wireless internet providers and industry info. Note: Photo courtesy of buckaroobayvia FlickR Creative Commons.