What WikiLeaks Tought Us About The Importance of Internet Security

With Wikileaks being in the newspapers more and more recently in regards to the whole Julian Assange affair, this article takes a structured look at how secure your information online actually is, and what steps you can take to improve the risk of getting caught out.

Achieving True Information Security

WikiLeaks achieved widespread notoriety for one main reason, accessing and publishing confidential and classified documents, mainly from the United States government. While these breaches of security, as well as the content of the threads, were clearly embarrassing to numerous governments around the world, what further questions did this raise?

From a business point of view, clearly the big question is that if people can access what is supposed to be the most secure information on the planet, what are the implications for my own company? Businesses need strong frameworks in place to deal with information security and are increasingly using them in order to protect themselves, their business and their clients. ISO27001 is the leading international standard for information security management systems.

Why Is ISO27001 So Good?

There are variants to ISO27001 however there are reasons why this is the most popular information security management system. ISO27001 contains 133 security controls while maintaining a flexible approach to information security. While it is extremely secure, ISO27001 allows businesses to focus on applying controls only to areas which are deemed viable risks. This can be exceptionally helpful to businesses, who have grown tired of red tape and bureaucracy deeming they need systems to protect them from things not relevant to them. ISO27001 plays a key role in making information security a key focus throughout an organisation and not just in the IT department.

ISO27001 allows you to consider all the data in different shapes and forms, all risks applicable to you, and provides you a way to resolve every potential issue carefully and keep your data secure.

What It Means for Business

The implications for businesses if their information is accessed and leaked into the public domain are huge. Not only are they liable to lose ground on their competition if information regarding important research or an innovative product is released, they are open to all sorts of litigation procedures. Companies who have not taken the necessary steps to protect their data face huge fines from government and regulatory bodies, as well as the possibility of legal action from clients and customers whose personal information has been compromised.

Information security management is a hot potato and will be a constant presence in life and business. Implementing a standard such as ISO27001 will potentially protect your business from your industry’s equivalent of WikiLeaks.

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