Why You Should Not Attempt Computer Repairs On Your Own

Many of us know the horror of finding out something is wrong with the computer. It is a horror like none other. After all, it is not uncommon to think of our computers as a natural extension of our everyday lives; we use them to interact with our loved ones, to shop, to take classes, to fulfill our job functions . . . these days it is hard to find any one aspect of our lives that is not affected by our relationship with computers. Unfortunately, computer repairs can cost a lot of money. When you consider the hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of dollars you spent on your beloved techno-friend, it may be tempting to try and cut repair costs by brushing up on your knowledge and attempting the repairs yourself. Whatever you do, do not give in to this temptation, or else you may find that your computer problems become much more than you’d initially bargained for. Here are some reasons why you should not attempt computer repairs on your own.

Guarantee. When you pay a shop to repair your computer, that repair should come with a guarantee (if you are smart and shop around for a reputable computer repair service). This means that if your computer is still not repaired after the job is done, you have the chance to either return for service or be reimbursed. However, when you attempt to repair your computer yourself, there is no guarantee on your work, and you could end up putting a lot more time into fixing problems that you created.

No room for error. Basically, if you break your computer, you have no one to blame (or pay for it) but yourself.

Warranty. By going into your computer, you automatically void the warranty on certain computer parts that are only guaranteed if they are handled by a professional. That means that perfectly good parts, in perfect working order, might need completely unrelated repairs down the line, but that those repairs won’t be covered by a warranty because you chose to open your computer with your own, uncertified hands.

Know-how. This is perhaps the most obvious, but there are so many people out there who seem to completely forget about this all-important fact: you are not a professional. You don’t necessarily have the skills or the know-how to repair your computer, no matter how many Google searches you do.

Sure, you mean well . . . but unfortunately, when it comes to repairing computer problems, it is not the thought that counts. Your computer’s health is a big deal. Don’t risk its health care on an amateur.

About the Author: Bernardo Sartorius loves working with computers. He has done plenty of repairs for those who have attempt to do a recover partition project or install hardware without help. Treat your computer with care and it will last quite a while!