Why Windows has more Malware than other OS

What is Malware?

A Malware is short name for malicious software. Malware is software created to disrupt a computer’s operation. They are commonly made by hackers to collect delicate information and gain access to private files in your computer systems. The name malware is usually utilized to refer to entire kinds of hostile software.It includes Trojan horses, adware, computer viruses and spywares all malicious to your computer.

What about an OS?

OS is referred to Operating System, which is a group of softwares that manage all hardware of a computer as well as providing common services for the programs running in a computer. Examples of operating systems are; Mac OS X, GNU, Linux, and Linux kernel

There are various reasons why Windows has more malware than other OS. These factors vary from one form to another. One of the several advantages OS has over windows is that it is highly secure; the hackers cannot get to the code hence finding it difficult to exploit it.

The reasons why Windows has more Malware than other OS can be discussed by reviewing these five fundamental factors. That is one of the reasons as to why OS is more superior.

Social Engineering

This is a process in which viruses and worms spread to the computer program by convincing a computer user to open add-ons that contain these malwares. Social engineering is quite easy in Windows systems. These attachments bear attractive names that make a computer user become bound to open without a thought.


One of the many advantages OS has is the mode which account privileges are allocated. In Windows, users have pretty access to the entire system since the administrator access is given by default. This means giving permission to all kinds of viruses to access all parts of a computer.

With OS the users are provided with lower-level accounts meaning that the virus does not have a root access to damage the system even when the OS system is compromised. Only the local files and programs would get affected.

The Monoculture Effect

OS boasts a diversity of environments as another benefit over windows. OS runs much architecture further than just Intel. So, although a virus can be targeted directly at windows users, since all use pretty much same technology, getting much compared to small portions of the OS users is quite difficult.

How Many Eyeballs

With Windows, a limited set of paid developers are assigned the duty of trying to find problems within the code. The developers don’t tell other people about the problems until they get a solution. This gives way for exploitation. In the OS, numerous users can access the code at whichever time. This means that someone will find a fault very quickly, and they can fix the error themselves.

There are steps that all OS users should take to secure their systems better. These include; minimizing the use of root privileges, enabling firewall and keep the system up to date.

Having all these points doesn’t mean that non-Windows does not have Malware issue. For instance, Mac and Linux has their own vulnerabilities to deal with as well just that the numbers is low. As a result, don’t stay too relax for non-Windows user. If your OS does not have an antivirus, use the online virus scanner. You will never know the day where Linux, Mac or other OS is a platform highly target for hackers.