Why Use VoIP Technology?

Have you ever wished that you could save money on your phone bill? If you have a broadband Internet connection, you can slash your phone bill to almost nothing each month. Thanks to VoIP technology, you can pay as little as $19.95 a year for your phone service. Other VoIP services allow you to communicate with others without even using a phone. If you hate talking on the phone, you may finally have a way to talk to people without having to look up a phone number.

Your Broadband Connection Becomes Your Phone Line

VoIP technology makes it possible to make phone calls using your broadband connection. This is quite a switch from the days when your phone line was used to connect to the Internet. The good news is that installation is a snap. All you have to do is simply plug in your phone adapter into your computer or router. From there, all you do is use your computer as your new phone. The voice quality is generally better than what you would get from a regular telephone connection. It is like being in the room with the person who you are talking to.

Chats Involve More Than Typing In Text Messages

If you have ever used a service such as Skype, you are using VoIP technology to conduct that chat. Instead of talking to someone on the phone, you are able to conduct a chat via a webcam that either comes with your laptop or can be purchased as a separate accessory. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, you shouldn’t experience much lag while using the service regardless of how far away you are from the person who you are talking to. For example, you will get the same quality connection talking to someone in India as you would with someone in Indiana.

Make Phone Calls from Your Table

If you don’t like to use your own phone number to make phone calls, you can use VoIP technology to get a new phone number that you can use from your tablet or other mobile device that is not a phone. This allows you to communicate via phone without having to divulge your own phone number or even use your phone. This allows you to multi-task instead of having to stop what you are doing to make a phone call. Your tablet will use a local Wi-Fi connection or your own 3G network to make the call. The only downside is that you still need a cell phone to make the system work. Your tablet simply acts as the device from which you make the call.

VoIP is going to revolutionize how people communicate. Instead of making a phone call, you will use a web-chat. Instead of paying for a landline or cell phone, VoIP will make it easier to just use your computer to make phone calls. The technology of the future will allow everyone the ability to communicate with others throughout the world.

Jennifer Boothe has a broadband connection from sky home and has recently done away with her landline in favour of using voip technology to reduce her communication costs