Why Use a DNS Server?

pc_privacyI have never really been an expert on computers and the internet, but as an average user I have had some real issues. With the internet being such a huge body of information I always wonder where my privacy lands. Is someone from my internet provider able to open up my account and see all the websites I have viewed? I started searching around on the matter and felt more uneasy about the idea that my privacy seemed to not exist. This is when I began searching for alternative means to get around this privacy concern. I had heard of a lot of paid programing that worked as a proxy (whatever that meant) but I was not willing to do that. This is when I heard about DNS (Domain Name System/server) and I instantly fell in love with the idea of using them. In the rest of this article I will discuss why anyone with internet should use a DNS.

First and for most important function about a DNS to me was the privacy you obtain. It becomes much harder for the internet service provider to see what you do and this can be beneficial to many people. From here you can also hide who you are from the websites you view. The websites you view seem to keep a log of your internet service address which can be linked back to you. With a DNS you are able to get around this and pick a DNS Server from almost any country you want. This way when you view a website it will look like you are viewing from somewhere you are not.

Privacy can be a major issue but, the annoyance that your normal internet provider brings can also add up to your frustration. Have you ever mistyped something in your URL box and had it come up with a search engine type result from your internet service provider? This can be very annoying as the results in these searches can be very inferior and just a waste of time to look at. With a DNS you can stop these frustrating re-routes. For instance if you used Google DNS you could get re-routed to a Google search, this could be way more convenient.

If you are looking to not shell out lots of money, DNS are a great way to go. Many DNS are free and provide exceptional quality. Companies like Google do offer them and they work very well. A simple search engine search will come up with many great DNS options for you to use. There are paid DNS available as well but an average user should not need to spend to much if at all any as the free provide the same sort of value.

Concluding, you do not need to be some internet expert to use a DNS. If you just want some piece of mind when it comes to privacy, wanting to avoid being re-routed to horrible ISP run search pages, and do not want to pay then think about using a DNS. You will feel more at ease if you do!

Featured Image credit: tiero / 123RF Stock Photo