Why The Surface Pro 2 Is The Perfect Tablet For Companies On The Move

If your business operates out of an office 24/7, then you won’t have too many criteria to fill when choosing computers for your staff. As long as your machines turn on, run MS Office and don’t keep crashing then you’re on to a winner and have pretty much everything you need.

But if your company works in lots of different environments, if your staff are constantly travelling up the country, and if you’re always giving presentations at tradeshows and conferences then you’re going to need something a little more versatile with a few more options.

And in their recent ‘Surface Event’ Microsoft attempted to provide businesses with just that. Building on the moderate success of their Surface tablet, Redmond hope that their new generation of tablets will provide a flexible and powerful solution for companies that need to work in multiple environments. Here we will look at what was unveiled at that event, and at why the Surface Pro 2 might just be the best tablet for businesses like yours.

The Concept

The general idea behind the Surface Pro 2 is clearly very similar to the central concept behind the original Surface Pro (no the ‘Surface Pro 1’ I guess…). That was to deliver the power of a full Windows 8 PC in a tablet form factor that could be carried easily in one hand, left on the side while you worked, or passed around a meeting at a presentation.

For the most part the Surface Pro accomplished this. It was a beautifully made, premium feeling device that could indeed be held easily in one hand and yet was more powerful than many ultrabook devices. With 4 Gigabytes of RAM and an Intel i5 processor it was suitable for all your productivity needs and could even handle gaming. The screen was beautifully high definition, the Wacom digitiser stylus was great for taking notes, signing documents and designing, and the type covers allowed for quick input.

But there were some downsides to the product which made it unsuitable for many business scenarios. This is what the Surface Pro 2 aimed to address…

Improving on the Original

The first complaint with the original Surface Pro was the battery life. Generally with regular use you could expect to get about 4-5 hours from a Surface Pro which really wasn’t enough to get you through a whole day as an iPad might. The Surface Pro 2 has switched to a Haswell processor however which makes it cooler and more energy efficient – 75% more efficient according to Microsoft. That suggests that you should be able to get about 7-8 hours out of the new device, along with more raw power. And to capitalise on this, the new tablets will also come with a ‘power cover’ which will help to charge them while you’re on the move (while still allowing for typing). With this cover attached you’ll be able to get 2.5 times the amount of battery life over the original, which should be around 14-15 hours – pretty impressive really and certainly enough for any long journeys. Throw in a screen that now claims to have the best anti-glare in the industry and that makes this a great device for working outside once you reach your destination too.

Another problem that was levelled at the original Surface Pro was that it was hard to use on the lap. While the type cover was great for typing, the angle was all wrong for looking down on, and the lack of hinge meant the screen always felt like it was going to topple over. A subtle change has been introduced to solve this issue this time around – a kickstand with two angles. The second angle allows the screen to tilt back much further and adds more stability on the lap.

Because this device is so powerful, Microsoft also want you to be able to use it at your desk as a replacement for your regular machine. This is perfectly possible already thanks to the impressive power of the machine (some of the new models even come with 8 gigabytes of RAM and you now also get 200 gigabytes of free Skydrive storage), but the new Surface dock should take this even further allowing you to power multiple monitors from your Surface and gain access to more USB ports. It’s great for working on the road but can double up as your main machine so you only need one device…

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