Why is Windows so Prone to Viruses?

Viruses and other harmful software have been fighting a long hard battle with an unknown victor since both sides have increasing troops and aces in their arsenals every day. Windows is the most affected and most plagued by viruses probably because there is a larger percent of the population of the world who use them than other computer programs. Also, some people don’t even know how, why and when viruses will start doing their dirty work. This guide was created to inform those people who doesn’t know about viruses.

Battle of the Virus

Viruses are like spies or moles in a military compound. They mingle with other files in your computer only to find out that their purpose is to conduct a tactical espionage and destroy your PC and gather information they can abuse like passwords and personal information. Some corrupt files which are probably the most annoying, since they completely erase your files from the face of the earth. Some even act like diseases that can be passed on from one file to another some via email attachments or infected sites. You can send virus without even knowing, so be extra cautious. Downloading Windows anti-virus online is one way to protect your system from the reach of hackers and cyber criminals. It blocks and removes harmful files you download from infected websites. You can also try using anti-virus to keep windows virus free, this strategy can protect your systems from being harmed.

Another thing contributing to the unending number of viruses that spawn each day is the popularity and the continuous mainstreaming of Windows. This attracts virus makers to try and attack Windows. Since there are more users of Windows, then there are more victims they can attack and the faster the virus can spread with tons of PCs to infect. This is common sense. Why drop a bomb on a land with 100 soldiers when you can kill 1000 soldiers in another island. That said, being popular is not all good times.

Fighting the Threat

Probably, the most disturbing thing that attracts viruses to Windows’ system is its poor security. There have also been tons of times that Microsoft has been releasing software that is so vulnerable that it is unable to protect itself. Why would you not infiltrate a military base with no artillery defense whatsoever? Of course it would be tempting too, since the spoils of war (whether digital wars or military wars) taste so sweet especially since you claimed it with victory and pride. An awful vulnerability of Windows is the Windows XP’s autorun feature. A file called “autorun.ini” would automatically pop up into a device you plug it in in order for it to be able to function in your PC. This can easily be a source of Virus’ attack. It was good news when Windows 7 was released because it had a higher security quality but still had its flaws. Then we got the Windows 8 that is probably the most secure Windows software to date.

Up to this day, Virus threats has a high possibility of happening since tons of people still run vulnerable versions of Windows that viruses can attack and nest on. Always keep in mind that an anti-virus is the most common and right way to protect your PC together with your own alertness like selecting files to download or sites to open. For more info on Windows’ Viruses and Vulnerability open this link. Don’t worry its virus free.

James is a Network Security Expert and presently he places in NYC. Along with this he has a passion of writing technology blogs. He always tries to write something that helps his users in updating their antivirus software for computer security.