5 Reasons to Use Windows 8 for Business

People are not always going with the flow. Sometimes, we hate change. Windows 8 struck fear with PC users and IT managers making it hard for them to upgrade their OS and use Windows 8. There are only few businesses who are planning to use Window 8 even if there are lot of reasons for them to benefit from new features that it offers.

Five reasons why businesses should use Windows 8:

#1 Touchscreen Interface

Windows 8 offers touchscreen interface that offers new possibilities for Windows 8 PCs. This interface is best with tablet or touchscreen desktop monitors. Windows 8 have an options for hand-written note-taking and commenting. It is best to use for business because a lot of businessmen today are considering the use of iPad or Androids. Business can use this as an interactive kiosk. Or if they have to get signatures of certain people, they can easily use Windows 8 to collect signatures directly on the screen.

#2 Networking

Windows 8 is designed for mobility, making it easier to connect into networks. It is a common problem for every computer user to find and connect to a network. That is why it is one of the improvements done by Microsoft. When you are on the road for some business trips and you are using a tablet or a laptop, you can shuts down all wireless communications by enabling the new Airplane Mode of Windows 8. When you are joining a new network, you can choose to connect to a public or private network.

#3 Faster Boot Time

Every second counts when you are in a business. Most especially when you are in a meeting presenting some projects to your clients or customers. It feels like an eternity waiting for a shutdown PC wakes up and reach the login screen. Microsoft know how important time is. That is why they created a faster boot time for Windows 8. This new accomplishment makes users get down to business faster when they are in a hurry or when they have to share some information to customers.

#4 Better Security

To help your business secure important information and to let your IT staff sleep at night, Windows 8 introduces some security tricks that you may use. It has a Secure Boot feature that only allows specific software. This software must be signed by authorized certificates to bout up. This feature prevents sneaking in of BIOS or kernel-level malware.

Incorporating the antimalware capabilities of Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows 8 can now provide a more-comprehensive protection from malware. Users can also be protected from malicious sites and rogue downloads because of the SmartScreen technology. Windows 8 provides same security to all network traffic, may it be Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome.

#5 Storage Spaces

Windows 8 have some feature that will let you expand your storage without replacing your drive. This feature is called Storage Spaces that makes your life more easier by letting you have more spaces without adding new drive letters. It lets you store files and everything as being on one large drive. You can combine internal and external drives, then Storage Spaces will use different interfaces to view and treat it as only one drive.

Storing documents and files are very important in business, it is scary to lose some files because everything is essential. That is why business should use Window 8, for Storage Spaces uses data mirroring that when one of the drives crashes, the data will still remain available.

Naomi Witter is the writer of this article. She is currently Business Marketing student but also works in part-time for bestessays.com.au during her spare time. She is using her smartphone most of the time. Naomi loves to write and travel. It is one of her dreams to set foot on Paris.