Who is Watching Your Internet Activities?

As more people are using wireless networks at home and at public hotspots, it is also becoming popular for hackers trying to steal your identity for fraud, and network hijackers who downloads illegal material through your connection – making you legally liable for their actions.

With so many easily available tools out there for cracking network security, even the latest WPA/WPA2 encryption on your wireless router is often not sufficient, and your Anti virus software usually does not protect your wireless Internet traffic. So besides having a strong password for your network, you also need to protect your traffic to really be secure. For this I recommend WiFi Defender, a great new product that has all you need to feel completly secure.

Most WiFi networks are either unprotected or use poor quality security measures, leaving you vulnerable to hackers, privacy breaches and identity theft. WiFi-Defender scans and protects all your networks giving you 100% privacy.

Stop Hackers

Stops hackers from gaining sensitive personal information that can lead to identity theft.

256 Bit Encryption

Bank-level encryption guarantees your information and Internet activities are secured.

Protection On The Go

Protect yourself when using hotspots in airports, cafés, train stations and all other open networks.

WiFi Defender also keeps track of all devices that are connected to your network and gives you a warning every time a new device is trying to connect to it.

Get protected with WiFi-Defender!