Where Will the PCs Go?

Nowadays, Apple is not exactly the kind of pioneering and innovating force it used to be when the late and great Steve Jobs was still around. Still, the introduction of the iPhone and the iPad have started the trend that is continually gaining momentum.

This quarter, global tablet sales will be surpassing PC sales. Smartphones and tablets are fast becoming the defacto device that more people use to access the internet, and as these mobile computing devices become more powerful and affordable, they will also inevitably replace the home desktop or notebook in the tasks these bigger devices have been traditionally relied upon (word processing, spreadsheets, games, etc.).

Adherents to the traditional personal computer may find these events to be disheartening, but there’s really no cause for concern. True, the PC may take a backseat when it comes to the mainstream markets, but personal computers and the like will continue to exist and be relied upon for a multitude of tasks and operations that are absolutely necessary for civilization to continue.

Workspaces and Industrial Sites

PCs and their ilk will continue to be staples in the work environments of tomorrow. From high-end workstations for just about any and every application that may require it (design, software development, control panels, etc.), to embedded computers of all sizes from the diminutive mini ITX solutions to the multiprocessor-powered boards that run entire factories and production plants, the humble x86-based personal computers will remain a standard for many more years to come.

Internet Infrastructure

A good chunk of the internet physically exists in the innumerable amount of PCs all over the globe, in data centers, office buildings, typical homes, and just about everywhere else. It is still the most cost-effective solution to adding more miles to the information superhighway, and it will continue to be practical for quite a while longer.

The Enthusiast Market

Even within the most hardcore electronic gaming circles, the PC continues to dominate as the platform of choice when one wants maximum performance and entertainment. With all manner of options to configure, build, and later upgrade these systems (even the building, configuring, and overclocking these rigs have become hardcore pursuits themselves), the PC still has a ways to go as the centerpiece of electronic gaming and system customization.

The personal computer has come a long way, and despite the fact that its smaller cousins are now the dominant computing device, PCs and the like will still be integral to just about every aspect of our daily lives.

So, to answer the question posed in the title: the PC is here to stay!

About the Author

Stacey Thompson is a professional writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and a lover of weird little animals. She is based in San Diego, California, and maintains a blog with her best friends, Word Baristas.