When Kid’s Smartphones Should Be Tracked

No doubt, the Internet can be used as educational and informative tool for young people. Almost 83% of kids been age 12-17 are online, and most of them become an easy target of cyber bullying. Kids now-a-days feel good when they post their pictures, videos and their personal experience in every public forum such as social websites. The usage of social websites is also becoming very popular among teens and kids. Only few children know devastating results of internet usage. One cannot say that internet is mother of all evils but it is also a fact that not all internet users are as good as you think they are.

Instant messaging, chat rooms, emails and social networking sites are also bringing a change in communication pattern among kids and teens. Kids even don’t hesitate to post their routine matters on internet social websiclip_image001tes. This communication pattern is creating trouble from cyber bullying to more serious Internet dangers such as exposure to sexual predators.

Cyber bullying is done in various forms on the internet including sending hateful messages and death threats to children. It also include spreading lies about teens, making vicious comments on their profiles and creating a website or blog that can damage their reputation, image or look in society. Cyber bullying is different from class or schoolyard bullying because cyber bullies do not care about their victim’s reaction and the way they might feel it.

As cyber bullies do not witness the reaction, it makes that easier for them to continue this rubbish work. Some cyber bullies send out harassing messages to kids while recently cyber bullies have also begun posting humiliating videos of other kids they dislike. Often, kids try their best to keep it like a secret and they don’t tell parents that they’re being cyber bullied. They don’t tell because they think that their parents will overreact or yank Internet privileges. According to experts, there’s a sucker born every nanosecond on the internet.

With the usage of internet, children can find their ways to websites including adult websites and also encounter people whom their parents or he/she may not even know about. Pornographic videos addicted teens become an easy target for sexual predators and by blackmailing they take an advantage from children in number of ways. Concern parents always feel very unsecure about their children when they hand over a smart phone to their children first time.

Teens find a way to explore those sites from which their parents restrict them. Normally, the way in which parents react to their children’s bad activities has always been more important than the degree to which parents try to guard them from different bad ideas or people.

To resolve concern parent’s problems regarding their children internet usage, companies like mSpy come up with mobile spy app that allows parents to monitor their children activities through monitoring of their browser history. Such software also helps you to track down your children location with its GPS feature. The most important thing is that you can block websites with this app.

Image credit: slate.com