What’s all the Buzz about Microsoft SkyDrive?

Unless you have been living under a rock you may have noticed quite a few reviews of the re-release of Microsoft SkyDrive (now OneDrive) and how it compares to both Google Drive and market-leader, DropBox.  Rather than provide yet another comparison, let’s just talk about what SkyDrive can do to “enhance your Windows experience”.

All Access Pass…

If you are like most modern tech users these days you have some sort of desktop-laptop-tablet-smart phone combo. No worries. With SkyDrive you can seamlessly sync them all from your desktop app and access anything in the folder from any of your devices you have SkyDrive on.

And it goes one better – let’s say you’re at a client meeting with your tablet pc and you realize you forgot that “one spreadsheet” you really needed and it’s not in your SkyDrive folder either!  Deep breaths – of course you left your PC at the office ON and running SkyDrive right? Great just log into SkyDrive from your tablet, select your PC from the computers menu and, voila!  You can grab that file off your PC even though it’s not in the SkyDrive folder – your client will think you’re a genius!

Share and Share Alike…

Hey, it’s summer – time for backyard bbq’s and family vacations… ah the memories… and all the promises you made to ‘email a copy of that photo’ when you get home. SkyDrive’s got you covered!

Share any file or photo, with no limits on size, via email, gmail, IM, maybe a link on the ‘ole family website’, or, if it’s just that good and you can’t keep it to yourself – tell the world on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Got Mobile?

SkyDrive doesn’t skip a beat – Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, other phones… there’s an App for that!  This way when you have captured that once-in-a-lifetime-shot of your dog driving a tractor and whistling Dixie, you don’t have to wait to share it; go on- you know you want to!

Need More Input?

Maybe you work on a team in an office or maybe you all telecommute – no problem with the Office Web Apps you can share, edit, and collaborate with your team, even if they are not using Office.

There are so many other great applications for SkyDrive sharing . How about the busy household – everyone is always coming and going and there is ALWAYS the “honey do” list that usually sits on the fridge and then, when you get to the home improvement store, no one can remember what’s on it… Let SkyDrive keep your whole family organized with schedules, to-do lists, appointments and more. Since it will be on everyone’s phone – no one can say they left the list at home!

How about school? Wouldn’t it be great if your back pack was actually on your phone and in the Cloud? One step further, add OneNote2010 and you have a virtual notepad as well!  Take notes, record lectures, store web pages, all in place, all searchable and all accessible with SkyDrive.

It’s a Love Story…

And SkyDrive lets you capture, store and share ‘the love’ across devices, across platforms and across time and space.  Truly Enhancing Your Windows Experience.