What you need to know about Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8, the newest operating system by Microsoft, has created a lot of noise with the press lately and rightfully so. It is indeed one of Microsoft’s creations to watch out for. In comparison to all operating systems in the past, this is one that will definitely catch the eyes of every personal computer user out there. This particular operating system may be used with laptops and designed for touch screen gadgets.

This is the most advanced operating system yet. First of all, the home screen is filled with touchable panels. Basically an overview of everything in your PC or tablet. You can just simply tap on what you need to and it will open automatically for you. You can swipe through the home screen just like how you do on a Windows OS phone. You can pin or unpin applications from there as well. Arrange them in a way that the ones that you commonly use will be in the left side of the panel. This is because this is the side that shows first.

The home screen is really convenient. You can pin your emails so that you get updates on that once you turn on your gadget. No need for logging in. The app store is available as well. You can place weather updates, browsers, sticky notes, pictures, music and of course, your main desktop screen. Organized is what it is!

When you click on the start button, it will redirect you to the touch panel screen. The only thing you will not see is the all programs and search menu. However, there is a cool reason for that. Once you click on the start button, you can automatically key in what you need. For example, if you received a call and you need to document what transpired in the call through notepad, you just need to click on the start button and start typing in notepad and the program will show right away! The same is true for all the applications on the PC. This is very convenient for people who run a business.

Of course, no one can skip on the fact that Windows 8 has the newest version of Internet Explorer which is Internet Explorer 10. This will allow the user to gain a full touch optimized browsing experience. After all, what is a touch screen operating system if you can’t browse that way, right? The apps on this new system were researched thoroughly. The latest technologies on HTML5 and JavaScript were used to build applications to bring a whole new kind of experience for the users. You can even export stuff from one app to another. Designers were able to make a way to make the apps connect with each other.

If you are a creative person, you will be able to use your talents to its utmost capabilities. If you are a businessman, you can smoothly run your business without any hassles. Anyone, whether a light or heavy computer user, can benefit from Microsoft Windows 8. This is, by far, the most advanced operating system out there.

Author Bio: Abbas Hussain blogger who talks about operating systems and Ecommerce SEO for companies like Integrity SEO Experts