What Is Naked Broadband?

baby_pcNaked broadband also known as naked DSL is a new service offered by some ISP’s or Internet Service Providers. Naked broadband does not require a traditional phone line and just like the name is a broadband service that offers the bare minimum. This type of service is perfect for those on a budget who want to save some money. Naked broadband is similar to ADSL2 but has a better connection and has more speed because it only requires the ULL connection from the residence back to the provider and does not require the subscriber to have a traditional phone line. Naked broadband is self-sufficient and works completely on its own.

During the early 2000’s naked broadband was not as popular as it is today. Subscribers that did have it were mostly in the commercial sector and was not available to residential users. Today there are hundreds of broadband providers that have joined the naked broadband network. Some broadband providers have reported numerous subscribers that are joining the naked broadband network.

The reason for the increase in naked broadband subscribers is that they either live in an area where they cannot get a landline phone service, do not want a landline phone service, have a mobile phone instead or do not want DSL connected to their existing landline phone. Today many people have mobile phones instead of a landline phone so they choose naked broadband. This is the best option for those that want to cut back on their household expenses and already have mobile phones.

Using broadband to make calls locally or overseas has increased in recent years decreasing the need even more for landline phones. So why pay for a landline phone service when you can use your PC or laptop to make calls using VoIP and downloading the software for a fee that is cheaper than landline phone service? Besides the price the quality of the calls are much clearer. You can also have many people at one time on voice chats, meetings and conference calls making it the best option for businesses.

Naked broadband is the best option for anyone who prefers a mobile phone and wants a fast connection with no additional fees at an inexpensive price.

If you want to find providers in your area that offer naked broadband just search online. Be sure to shop around to find the best price for the fastest connection. Since it is still a relatively new service many providers may not offer naked broadband. Check out a few websites of broadband providers in your area and surrounding areas. Naked broadband is also the perfect solution for isolated and remote areas. If naked broadband is not yet available in your area you may want to find a provider that will be offering the service in the near future and either subscribe to one of their traditional broadband plans and switch when their naked broadband service becomes available or sign up on a waiting list and be notified when it is in your area.

Sam Jones believes that going online is the best way to use an adsl checker to see what broadband options are available locally

Image credit: gewoldi / 123RF Stock Photo