Getting to know LinkedIn- The Worlds Largest Professional Network

Social media has become the talk of the town of late. If you were to look up the Internet, then in that case you will be surprised to have an encounter with the large number of social networking websites that are doing the rounds on the World Wide Web. Social media and more specifically these social networking websites have helped individuals to connect with long lost friends, ex-colleagues as well as family members at large. Some of the popular informal and casual social networking websites that you must be well aware of are definitely Facebook, Twitter and the likes. However, did you know that there exists a formal, professional and sophisticated social media marketing platform out there that is believed to contribute heavily towards your career, which is none other than LinkedIn.

To date, LinkedIn is known to about 175 million professionals from different walks of life.

Precious add-ons associated with LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is known to come complete with a number of special features that are believed to contribute to your respective careers somehow or the other.

Ø LinkedIn Recommendations:First and foremost, let us quickly get ourselves acquainted with the LinkedIn Recommendations. LinkedIn Recommendations are known to come across as a social proof for the recommended individual or business firm. On an overall level, these recommendations are known to assist you in strengthening your marketing efforts at large. Moreover, if you are able to secure enough recommendations on LinkedIn, then in that case you will be in a position to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Similarly, you will be able to stand out in the crowd.

Ø LinkedIn Endorsements:LinkedIn Endorsements is one such feature, which has been unveiled by LinkedIn just recently. Each one of us is capable of performing exceptionally well in some or the other area due to the expertise and special skills that we tend to possess in the said area. However, if we ourselves were to boast about our special skills, especially on professional websites like LinkedIn, then in that case people on the other end would often question its credibility. On the other hand, if your special skills are endorsed by a third person, then the chances of people being in agreement with the same is somewhat high. This particular process of a third person endorsing your special skills is nothing, but LinkedIn Endorsements.

Ø Valid Connections:In today’s competitive world, each one of us is seen going in the direction of career growth. Furthermore, most of us have even gone ahead and ticked out job portals from our plan of action. In this case, getting hold of an arena wherein we can easily connect to a number of human resource professionals as well as higher authorities from different companies has become a must. This is where LinkedIn is believed to come to your rescue. LinkedIn is believed to assist you in joining hands with worthwhile people. Moreover, if you tend to enjoy these valid connections, then the chances of you finding a desirable job followed by a steady career growth can become way to easy.

Ø Personal Profile:On LinkedIn you get the opportunity of creating a customized personal profile for yourself. In this particular profile you get to feed in your personal basic details, academic information as well as career oriented data. The best part about LinkedIn is that creating your account on this particular social media platform is absolutely easy and convenient. Once you create your personal profile on LinkedIn you not only enjoy the opportunity of exploring a wider network, but at the same time are able to get your hands on some out of the box tools such as Answers and Groups.

If you desire to lift up your professional life, then in that case it is high time that you go ahead and create a profile for yourself on this one of its kind social media platform, which is none other than Linkedin.

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