What are Microsoft’s Plans for the Next Wave of Windows RT Tablets?

When you hear the word “Microsoft”, the first thought that pops-up in your mind is ‘Computers and Operating Systems’. They are leading providers in the PC operating market. Well, personal computers are slowly hitting the shelf. They are being replaced by laptops and most recently tablets. They have become handy devices for students and working people alike. Tablets are easy-to-use, portable with multiple functions making it a favorite device to have for many. With the tablet market rapidly increasing, how can Microsoft not jump into the market and give the competitors a run for their money? Microsoft has introduced their customized range of tablets.

They have released the names of manufacturers teaming up with Microsoft to produce the much-awaited. The announcement comes in the midst of apprehensive contemplation among the partners over Microsoft’s decision to compete against Apple’s tablets.

Mike Aguilo: Senior Executive in Microsoft

Mike Anguilo (Senior Executive) of Microsoft has been promoting their product among other computer manufacturers and has stated that Samsung, Dell and Lenovo will also be manufacturing Windows RT. He added that in addition to tablets, they will also introduce complete touchpad and keyboard solutions of both types: removable or the traditional ones. He said the collaboration is made strong by tying up with all the leading manufacturers for services, hardware and software incorporation.

They have made changes to the RT PCs for better battery life, easy and fast touch interactions combined with a sleek and stylish design. Standard processors used for smartphones and tablets are ARM processors and Microsoft was available for high-end processors designed by AMD and Intel. Microsoft has now decided to make a different version to compete with the iPad.

The criticisms on Microsoft’s launch:

This is Microsoft’s biggest every entry into the hardware arena. This has put some of the leading PC manufacturers into frenzy as they don’t wish to compete against their key software provider. The criticisms from people have not exactly been on the positive side. The Chief Executive of Acer has urged Microsoft to think twice before entering into the unknown. He added that it might lead to negative reactions from other companies.

Microsoft has however taken their stand. They want their RT tablet to match Apple’s iPad in every way. Surface will likely go into the market this October. Microsoft’s chief executive has stated that Surface is nothing but a device to set standards in the design point. He added that Surface will not be a threat to their partners. The surface tablet is sold as ah

Although Microsoft ’s Surface is marketed as a productivity enhancing tool, the accessories and add-ons make it double as a portable computer. However, there have been other companies who are producing similar removable keyboard options and touchpad.

Though Microsoft has said that their range will not be a threat to their partnering companies, a lot of companies are apprehensive about Microsoft’s latest project. Another cause of concern for the companies is the price they are charging for the tablet ranges.  Has the software giant final bitten off something more than they can chew? Let’s see when it releases.

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