Welcome to WindowsTalk 4.0!

Yes, this is the fourth version of WindowsTalk, and I trust that you will find it as informative as always.

The first version of WindowsTalk was not owned by me, but was started by a handful of Windows 98 beta testers in order to continue their association and Win98 support after the beta closed down. Several years ago I came into contact with this group, and by then, the content of the site was so old (XP was the current version of Windows at the time) that I suggested updating it. The offer was then made to purchase the windowstalk.org domain name so that I could manage the site myself. I readily agreed!

I then purchased a FrontPage template, got web hosting and WindowsTalk 2.0 was born.

Eventually, I discovered blogging and found it much easier than maintaining a website. So I set up an account at Blogger and WindowsTalkBlog (WindowsTalk 3.0) went live in the summer of 2008.

Now, I have moved to WordPress on a hosted account and WindowsTalk 4.0 and I hope will be here for many years to come.

Thanks for dropping by!