Top Websites For Tech Deals

Everyone loves a good deal, and the Internet age and subsequent mobile revolution has taken consumerism to a whole new level — one that puts shopping in the palm of the hand. Just as people use tablets and smartphones to complete their transactions, they often use these devices to purchase more devices. Yes, tech shopping is increasingly popular in today’s modern world, and finding great deals on popular tech items is equally important to most consumers.

But the problem lies in the fact there seems to be nearly as many discount-shopping websites out there as there are discount-shopping items on the market. No worries, because below is a list of some of the best websites to surf that will often provide the most attractive deals on popular tech items.


This site offers a number of coupons and bargains on a whole host of products, from computers to tablets to camcorders. The nice thing about TechBargains is that they only offer products recommended by staff or customers. A lot of research and reader feedback goes into the decision-making process at this site, so its safe to say most of the companies whose products are being sold are above board.


Dealnews was created in 1999 with the express purpose of scouring the Internet in search of the best deals around on electronics. The site then aggregates these deals on a daily basis and presents them to the world. It even presents the “hottest” deals of the day – from a wide variety of products — on their homepage.


Those in the market for a new desktop or notebook computer can find good deals and many different brands and models at this site. It updates the deals daily and also offers a wide variety of Apple products as well, from iPods to iPhones.


Another website for Mac aficionados. DealMac aggregates the best deals on Apple products and displays them by device. There is also an editorial guarantee on the homepage that states that every price listed for the day is the lowest price they could find anywhere. DealMac also offers a number of accessories such as headphones and hard drives.


Those who like a little social networking aspect to their bargain hunting would do well to check out this site. Deals Plus is similar to Digg in the sense that people vote on their favorite deals. Those items with the most votes are emblazoned on the home page of the site. It has a small but very loyal following who swear by its attributes.


This is another site driven by users who submit coupons and deals to the forums. Once a particular thread has a high enough ranking, it is then moved to the front page. The community behind this site is very large, so there are always great deals to be had on a daily basis.

With even one or two of these sites at the mouse-ready, the intrepid tech bargain hunter should have no problems finding that sweet deal on a new tablet, netbook, or whatever else his or her heart may desire.

Pemba Tsering is a gadget lover and never misses out on previews and reviews on the latest gadgets.