VIPRE Internet Security Pro

VIPRE, which stands for VIRUS Intrusion Protection Remediation Engine, has provided comprehensive security against virulent forms of malware for nearly a decade, and the various optimizations and technologies developed over time clearly shows in this latest outing. The top-tier version of the VIPRE product lineup — VIPRE Internet Security Pro — brings to the table numerous protective features that are unprecedented in functionality.

Protective layers such as Edge Protection, instant behavioral analysis, and cloud-enabled advanced active protection, allow for seamless protection even against zero-day threats. VIPRE Internet Security Pro also gives you access to multiple tools and options as a means secure yourself from direct Web-based attacks, privacy leaks, and deeply hidden rootkits, which it does with negligible impact on performance thanks to a high-performance anti-malware engine.

Vipre Internet Security Pro

Supported Hardware and Software

VIPRE Internet Security Pro’s anti-malware engine uses numerous optimizations to run as efficiently as possible, calling for hardware requirements that aren’t that tough to begin with — a dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 1GB of storage space should work out fine. On the software-side of things, you need to be running at least Windows 7 on your computer for VIPRE Internet Security Pro to run — Windows XP, unfortunately, isn’t supported due to certain advanced technologies that make use of the architectures found only in newer operating systems.

VIPRE Internet Security Pro Installation

Setting up VIPRE Internet Security Pro doesn’t take too much time or effort. Thanks to proprietary VIPRE Easy Install technology, you can just sit back and relax while the installer does the job for you. After specifying the installation directory, the VIPRE Easy Install wizard automatically detects any possible software conflicts between alternate antivirus solutions, and either removes or disables them. Additionally, antivirus definitions are also downloaded at the end of the installation procedure to ensure maximum protection for your computer right from the get-go.

Securing Your Computer

Upon installation, VIPRE Internet Security Pro instantly gets down to the task of protecting your computer against all forms of threats, be it spyware, ransomware, trojans, or rootkits. The anti-malware utility makes use of a continuously updated virus definitions database as a means to catch common forms of malware from either attacking vulnerable operating system processes or infecting and eventually destroying other files — VIPRE Internet Security Pro automatically updates itself periodically, so you don’t have to worry about doing that manually.

Multiple Live Shields

Unlike traditional antivirus applications, VIPRE Internet Security Pro doesn’t just use virus definitions as a sole means to detecting threats; rather, it uses cutting-edge technologies such as Edge Protection, Advanced Anti-Rootkit Technology, and Instant Behavioral Analysis to flag unknown forms of threats, specially zero-day viruses that aren’t part of any database yet. Also, VIPRE Internet Security Pro deploys a protective layer dubbed Cloud-Enabled Advanced Active Protection that makes use of a continuously evolving cloud database of virus signatures as a means to stay one step ahead of sophisticated malware.

On-Demand Scan Modes

VIPRE Internet Security Pro features multiple on-demand scan modes that should be greatly useful when it comes to weeding out hidden forms of malware. You can, for example, use the Full Scan mode to crawl your entire computer for malicious signatures, or you can opt for the Quick Scan mode to instantly check critical operating system areas for virulent threats. The anti-virus utility also features a Custom Scan mode for instances where you want to check specific drives or directories — a connected flash drive, for example — for malware.

Online Threats

Having multiple incoming and outgoing connections on your computer can pose a significant threat to your security, and that’s where VIPRE Internet Security Pro’s Two-Way Firewall features comes into the picture. By constantly monitoring all established connections, you are secured from data breaches and malicious attacks performed via certain application vulnerabilities. Unsafe applications are automatically stripped of privileges and notified of immediately, where you then have the final say over the permissions that such programs should have.

Surfing the Internet

VIPRE Internet Security Pro also provides comprehensive protection while you surf the Internet, and plays a large part when it comes to preserving your privacy. You can, for example, use the Bad Website Blocker feature to automatically stop the browser from loading up websites that are deemed as unsafe — phishing, spoofing, or fake websites. When using search engines, the Search Guard module also springs into action automatically, and notifies you of links that could potentially infect your computer with viruses. Even when socializing on Facebook, VIPRE Internet Security Pro deploys an additional security module that scans your current page for bad links.

Fast Performance

VIPRE Internet Security Pro allows for blazing fast performance thanks to a revamped anti-malware engine that makes use of minimal system resources to run efficiently. Thanks to the minuscule memory footprint, you’d hardly ever feel that there’s an anti-malware application constantly securing your computer against malicious threats. Running resource-heavy applications and video games doesn’t impact system performance one-bit with the additional workload, so you can stay protected at all times thanks to the enhanced performance that VIPRE Internet Security Pro brings to the table.

Should I Buy It?

VIPRE Internet Security Pro is just the anti-virus solution that you need to stay protected even against unknown forms of threats, thanks to the multiple live shields and proprietary technologies that it deploys. Web-based threats are also mitigated effectively thanks to a dedicated firewall and various other browser-based security modules that allow for a complete protective experience. What’s more, it does all of that at blazing fast speeds with only very low impact on overall system performance, and if you are sick and tired of the various antivirus solutions that double up as extreme resource hogs, you don’t have to look any further than VIPRE Internet Security Pro for comprehensive PC security.