VIPRE Firewall Thwarts Twitter Direct Message Worm

The other day, I received a Twitter Direct Message (DM) from a user I was following. A Canadian football player in fact. His brief message stated “ur on here: (malicious link removed)”.

That was all. Since he is not following me, I could not respond directly to him via Twitter, but I decided to click the link he sent anyway.

Internet Explorer 8 then gave me a red warning screen (click to enlarge):

Hmmm…interesting, but sometimes IE8 is overly cautious, so I chose to bypass this warning screen and go to the site. You can do this by using the drop-down arrow next to “More Information”. There is a link there labeled “Disregard and Continue (not recommended)”.¬†Because I felt somewhat safe in doing so, I decided to click it.

This is where VIPRE Premium’s Firewall took over:

This was the first time I had ever seen this. Typically and by default, VIPRE Premium’s firewall works quietly in the background with little intervention, unless you tell it to alert you to every little action. Colour me impressed! If I really wanted to see what was on that site, I would have to open VIPRE’s firewall settings, the Allowed Sites tab (red arrow below)¬†and manually enter the URL myself, then click “allow”. Even then, I could still choose not to have any ActiveX controls, VB scripts, or Java scripts run in my browser while on that particular site (see blue circle):

It was only after going reading some other Tweets that I discovered there was a malicious Twitter worm going around, sending direct messages from one’s ‘friends’:

If you want to give VIPRE Premium a trial, click the box image above. There is also the original VIPRE Antivirus, if you are happy with your current firewall setup.