Various Types of Technologies Making People, Information and Communication Mobile

Mobility is the feature that we desire for every facility at our disposal now. Anything that can be taken from one place to another, freely and easily, is known as to be mobile. There have come so many types of mobile technologies that we have become addicted to. These hi-tech technologies are being used very commonly in our daily lives from acquiring information to making communication, etc. Thus in this era of enormous scientific progress, such mobile technologies have become a necessity for all of us in order to stay connected with rest of the world.

Different Types of Commonly used Mobile Technologies:

Cell Phones- It is the only technology which has been accepted by all categories of people at an incredible speed. Due to wireless technology, cell phones allow us to communicate effectively by making calls or texting, even from the remotest of areas. With the arrival of more advanced Smart phones, web browsing and video calling have also become accessible by us. We have camera, video recorder, sound recorder, MP3 player, games, internet connectivity, Bluetooth, various types of apps and everything that we can think of in our mobile phones.

Notebooks- These are sort of a mini laptop, which are very simple to carry due to their extreme lightweight. We can perform all such functions in a notebook that are possible in Personal computers from Internet surfing and video chatting to using MS Office and other application software too. Notebooks are flexible enough to be connected to external devices.

Personal Digital Assistant- These are used as an information manager and include devices like palmtops, pocket computers, tablets, etc. Apart from managing data, they can also be used for Internet access, faxing, calling, texting, etc. They are also quite helpful in transmitting information.

Global Positioning System Devices- Such devices are used to detect the location of other objects and devices. With the help of GPS facility, it has become very simple now to track the desired location, place or any particular electronic device. It is a very useful mobile technology that has multiple purposes to serve.

Importance and Need of Mobile Technologies:

·        Mobile technologies have made communication devices like cell phones portable for us. Thus we can carry them with us wherever we go. This mobility has been possible just because of the wireless technology.

·        Cell phones are the most commonly used Mobile technology, and they are the basis for today’s quick and strong communication network.

·        With their arrival, even the poor people can make access to communication channel at economical rates.

·        Mobile technologies have interconnected even the remotest areas with the main stream.

·        Storing of important data and its sharing has also become easier now.

·        We are able to gain any sort of information with the help of our laptops, tablets and cell phones from any place through Internet connectivity.

·        Now we have access to an amazing world of entertainment as we can enjoy movies, music, gaming, reading, and many other tasks on our mobile gadgets at our desired place.

·        They are thus very helpful in the overall technological development of an economy.

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