Using Disc Cleaner Software

One signal to a PC user that it is time to clean up their hard drive is when there is an obvious slowing down of the performance of their computer. A slow computer can be frustrating to work with especially among users who depend on its performance daily.
The Disc Cleaner is a free open source tool which can quickly and safely cleans the hard disc of any temporary files – Internet Explorer Cache, Cookies folder, temporary folder, and recycle bin. Downloading the free software is safe from any adware or spyware. It is very user friendly. Just choose those items which you would like cleaned, click on the Clean button and that’s it.
The size of the software is very small and written in simple and plain Windows API so it is possible to download and install it fast. As it is self-contained, no DLL is needed to make the application run; it can be run from a floppy disc or USB without any problem. This makes it a portable tool which does not involve any complex installation processes.

Take note though that this is open source software. This means that there are no warranties. It is important to make a clear selection of the files which need to be cleaned up. Any wrong choice made and it is no longer within the control of the software or its makers. Also, there is no scheduling for any cleaning; neither is there any automatic cleaning option available for the PC owner. If the files deleted were secure files (because of a wrong choice?) then there is no supporting that, those files remain deleted. There are also no options for adding any custom cleaning areas.
Disk Cleaner is compatible with any version or platform of Windows. It is also compatible with the NT systems like the NT 4/200/XP but any items cleaned would have to depend on the access rights. So far, this is considered as the best tool which can remove any junk files within a public machine like those in internet cafes and the like.
If the computer has a MacAfee V-Shield installed as anti-virus security software, before Disk Cleaner can be allowed to run, it is advisable to deactivate this for the cleanup tool to work as it should. Sometimes MacAfee may detect this as a virus and not allow it to clean up anything. This may also be true for the Kaspersky anti-virus software.

This article has been contributed by David Ritchie. David is a software developer and technical writer with over 10 years of professional experience. He is currently iinterested in a slow computer performance fix.